Friday, January 28, 2011

We have a state bird, state flower, and state song, but we're lacking a state .... gun ??

The State of Utah may soon have a State Gun. recently reported in Utah May Adopt a State Gun that the Utah State House of Representatives voted 51-19 in favor of a bill this past Wednesday that would declare the Browning 1911 the state gun. Rep. Carl Wimmer, the bill's sponsor, said the bill's purpose is simply to honor John Moses Browning. Browning, from Utah, designed the gun in the early 1900s and it became standard issue for the U.S. Army for 75 years protecting our military and our freedoms.

As you can imagine, the bill has stirred emotions. Some in favor and some opposed. The ones in favor like the idea of honoring Browning, one of their own, because of the gun's contribution to defending freedom. The opposition's reasons range from believing the state legislature has more important business to take care of to not wanting kids to see guns in coloring books about state symbols. Both sides have good points .... except for the one about not wanting kids to see guns in coloring books. I understand that they're wanting to "protect the children," but this is ludicrous. Kids see and hear  violence, immorality, and filthy language on TV and in trashy music all the time but no one does anything about "protecting" them from that. Plus, pornography is rampant destroying families all across the country, but we just can't let them see a picture of a gun. That would be just terrible and possibly scar them for life (sarcasm added) !! I would love it if just for once people could come up with an "excuse" that actually makes some sense. Give me a freaking break already.

The bill now goes to the Utah State Senate for a vote. It will be interesting to see how it turns out. It makes me wonder, though - what would be a good state gun for Tennessee ? Any suggestions ?
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