Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Volunteer state now has over 1.5 million donors

Recently, in Chattanooga, TN ran a story, Tennessee Tops 1.5 Million Organ Donors, announcing that Tennessee had reached a new milestone in the battle to end the deaths of people waiting on a life-saving organ transplant. The milestone was reached in only three short years thanks to a joint effort between Donate Life Tennessee and the Tennessee Department of Safety. Their work brought the Tennessee Donor Registry online.

Currently, only 27% of adult Tennesseans are registered as organ and tissue donors. The goal is 50%. With approximately 2400 Tennesseans and 110,000 Americans currently awaiting life-saving organ transplants, it is vital that more Tennesseans register. It is easy to do. When you go to get or renew your driver's license, simply check the appropriate box on the form to indicate that you want to be an organ and tissue donor. Also, make sure you check it every time you renew or it's possible that your name may be dropped from the registry.

If a Tennessean does not have to renew their driver's license any time soon, they can still go ahead and sign up as an organ and tissue donor. Just visit the Tennessee Donor Registry online by clicking here and then follow the prompts to sign up. It'll walk you through the step-by-step process. In the three years that the Tennessee Donor Registry has been online, 23,000 lives have either been saved or improved by people like you who have chosen to sign up in the registry. You never know who might be saved next. It could be one of your parents, your spouse, a brother or sister, a dear friend, or even ....... you.

Please register today.

P.S. If you live outside the state of Tennessee, many other states have similar registries. To find out if one is available in the state where you live, please visit the Donate Life America website by clicking here.
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