Sunday, January 30, 2011

Reagan Week on The Sheepdog

Official Portrait of President Ronald ReaganThe coming week will be a little different on The Second Chance Sheepdog. Next Sunday, February 6th, will not only be Super Bowl Sunday, but it would also be President Ronald Reagan's 100th birthday if he were still with us. Reagan is one of my heroes and my favorite president. In my opinion, he is the best president of my lifetime.  He was not only a great leader, but also a great man. He loved his country, his family, and the Lord. His faith is one thing that drove him. Many times, I think of how much we could use him now in this perilous time, and I will do what I can to honor his memory here on this blog this week. Tuesday and Thursday will still be dedicated to organ and tissue transplant advocacy. However, Music Monday, Wild Wednesday, and Freedom Friday will be days of honoring and remembering President Reagan. I hope everyone will check back and enjoy those three special days. Due to all the great things he did for this country during the eight years he was president, I think he deserves to be honored on what would be his 100th birthday.
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