Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Infant donor saves 3 lives

Today, I ran across a perfect example of something good coming from something bad in an article on the Stanford School of Medicine's website. An article, One Organ Donor's Gifts Save Three Lives at Packard Children's, tells the story of how a brave 7-year old girl saved the lives of a 2-year old, an 8-year old, and a 5-month old when she passed away. One family's sorrow brought joy to the parents of three other children.

Each of the three recipients were suffering from organ failure as a result of congenital defects. Micah, the 2-year old, had been on kidney dialysis since he was 10 days old. Becky, the 8-year old, had a heart that was deteriorating rapidly. Alexie, the 5-month old, was almost out of a time with a liver so diseased it had stunted her growth. Now, all three are doing well and their parents are eternally grateful that their sons and daughters have a second chance to grow up.

It's all because a family somewhere thought of others while going through their own time of grief. They are heroes who we should bless with our prayers during their time of grief. However, they can take comfort in the fact that their little girl, who left them too soon, left a legacy that three families will never forget nor take for granted.

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