Thursday, January 6, 2011

Double lung recipient just wants to get back to sailing

Bronchi, bronchial tree, and lungs.In early November 2010, Linda Easterly received an early Christmas present - a second chance in the form of a double lung transplant. According to a recent article (Following Lung Transplant, Resident Eager to Get Out Sailing) on, Linda had suffered from pulmonary fibrosis for several years. The disease is a result of scarring within the lungs' tiny air sacs and, as it progresses, makes it very difficult for a person to breathe. Linda's condition had steadily worsened since her and her husband moved to Florida to the point that she was on oxygen. Now, she won't have to drag that tank around anymore.

Linda began the process to get on the waiting list on January 2, 2010 which included filling out all the insurance paperwork. She was turned down for the first two locations requested, but her third request for Tampa General Hospital was finally accepted. After finally getting on the list, Linda was blessed to only wait seven weeks before getting the call that a set of lungs had become available for her.

Linda's passion is sailing. She's already planning her first trip because she was unable to go while waiting on her transplant. The doctor's told her she always had to be within two and a half hours of the hospital in case a pair of lungs became available. I enjoyed reading Linda's story because it reminded me of myself. The day I got home from the hospital after my transplant the first thing I did was grab a calendar and figure out when firearms deer season opened. Then, I started rehab a few weeks later to get ready. I hope Linda has as many successful and enjoyable sailing excursions as I've had deer hunts. She deserves it.

You have the power to give someone else a "second chance" to enjoy the things they love. All you have to do is visit the Donate Life America website to learn how to "Commit to Donation" in your state. Do it today.
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