Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Sheepdog's pick's for the NFL Divisional Playoffs

Last weekend's NFL playoffs had four great games with one big upset. I predicted that 3 out of 4 home teams would lose last weekend, and I was right. However, it was not the three I predicted. Like most people, I missed the Seattle upset of New Orleans, and I also missed Green Bay's win over Philadelphia. Overall, I picked 2 out of 4 games correctly.

I think this weekend's Divisional Playoff round will see another big upset. However, where I picked against the home teams last weekend, I'm going with them this weekend. I think 3 of the 4 home teams will win, and the one that doesn't is my "Upset Special." Here's my picks :
  • Baltimore @ Pittsburgh - Saturday @ 4:30 PM EST on CBS -  These two teams split their meetings during the regular season with the Ravens winning in Pittsburgh while Ben Roethlisberger was out on suspension and the Steelers winning in Baltimore with Roethlisberger back at quarterback. Everyone knows there is no love lost between these two teams. The rivalry goes back decades since the Ravens are the "old" Cleveland Browns and is generally brutal on the field. Both teams have great defenses but the Steelers offense is superior to the Ravens. During the first two meetings, the Steelers offense was sputtering having trouble moving the football. However, late in the season the Steelers offense came to life. Plus, Pittsburgh is coming off a much needed bye week which gave them time to rest and get healthy from the plague of injuries the team has faced this season. Sheepdog's pick - It's "Crow Season" in Pittsburgh !! Today's game will be close until the fourth quarter, then the Steelers will pull away winning by at least 10.
  • Green Bay @ Atlanta - Saturday @ 8 PM EST on FOX - The Packers and the Falcons met earlier in the year in Atlanta with the Falcons winning a close one 20-17. Sheepdog's pick - The Packers played a great game against the Eagles last week. However, their season ends today. I'll take the Falcons.
  • Seattle @ Chicago - Sunday @ 1 PM EST on FOX - The Seahawks and Bears met back in October in Chicago with Seattle squeaking out a 23-20 win. However, the weather conditions in Chicago will be much different this time around with a game time temperature in the low 20s. Sheepdog's pick - Even though the Seahawks shocked the country with their upset of the defending Super Bowl Champ Saints last weekend, their Cinderella Season ends in the Windy City. They're in Bear country and Bear weather. I'll take Chicago.
  • N.Y. Jets @ New England - Sunday @ 4:30 PM EST on CBS - The Jets and the Patriots met twice in the regular season. They split the season series with each winning at home. The key factor in each win was the turnover margin. In the first game in New York, The Jets won 28-14. The Jets committed no turnovers while the Patriots committed 3 including 2 Tom Brady interceptions. The second game in Foxboro saw the Patriots stomp the Jets 45-3. The key was once again turnovers with the Patriots committing none and the Jets committing 3. Turnovers will be key again as they always are in the playoffs. Colts fans didn't think the Jets would march into Indy last week and beat Peyton Manning at his place. The Patriots' fans are probably thinking the same this week. I believe the Jets are fired up and looking for some payback for that 45-3 thumping the Patriots put on them on Monday Night Football on December 6th. Sheepdog's pick - Patriots "are one and done." I'm taking the Jets in this weeks "Upset Special." Tom Brady's hope for a 4th Super Bowl ring will have to wait at least another year, and the Road to the Super Bowl makes a sharp detour to the south. The AFC Championship will be played in Pittsburgh.
Well, there you have it. The Sheepdog's picks for the NFL Divisional Playoffs. I know the Patriots' fans are weeping, wailing, and gnashing their teeth over me picking against them, but they'll get over it .... eventually. Y'all enjoy the offseason. Plus, look on the bright side - now Tom Brady will have plenty of time to get that haircut that Randy Moss was dissing him about.

Go Steelers !!
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    The Second Chance Sheepdog said...

    Well, well, well, what do ya know ?? The Sheepdog called it - the biggest upset of the 2010 NFL Playoffs. The Jets take out Tom "Pretty Boy" Brady and Coach "Beli-cheat." I also called it that each of the 3 games between these teams this year has been won by the team committing the fewest turnovers.

    The Road to the Super Bowl has taken a sharp detour through Pittsburgh !! GO STEELERS !!

    P.S. The Sheepdog picked 3 out of 4 games right this weekend. Oh by the way, Tom Brady, please feel free to get that haircut now.