Monday, January 10, 2011

The "company" you keep

At the conclusion of last Monday's post, I gave some clues as to whom this week's featured artist would be. I also said that if anyone correctly guessed the artist that I would play two of their videos today. Unfortunately, no one gave a correct answer, so I'll only run one video of today's artist. I'll save the other one for another Monday.

Last week's Music Monday featured Vixen who was the warm-up band for the first rock concert I ever attended. Today's featured artist, Bad Company, was the headliner for that concert. Bad Company has been a popular band since the '70s. In the late '80s the band was in the midst of a comeback with a new lead singer, Brian Howe. When I saw them in concert in 1988, the band was touring to promote their new album, Dangerous Age. Today's video and song is "No Smoke Without a Fire" from that album.

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