Thursday, January 13, 2011

Powerful Video Shows the Plight of the Arizona 98

I've done a few posts previously (see below) about the fact that the State of Arizona has stopped paying for life-saving transplants for people on Medicaid. The decision has amounted to a death sentence for approximately 100 of the state's sickest residents. In fact, two people have already died as a result of Governor Jan Brewer's decision to cut the funding.

Please take a few minutes and watch this powerful and heart-wrenching video by clicking here. My fear is not only for the lives of the people of Arizona that need transplants but for people in other states, too. I believe that if the government of Arizona is able to get away with playing God by deciding who lives and who dies that it's only a matter of time until other states will follow in their footsteps. Think about how you would feel if one of these people was your spouse, one of your parents, your best friend, or even ..... you.
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