Thursday, October 28, 2010

The NRA continues betraying gun owners

cartoon courtesy of National Association of Gun Rights

On August 27, 2010, the National Rifle Association (NRA) announced that they would not be endorsing U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in his 2010 re-election campaign. The announcement was supposedly due to his votes in favor of confirming both Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan to the U.S. Supreme Court. Both of them have a record of being less than supportive of the 2nd Amendment. My first reaction was a reserved ... bravo - maybe they're finally getting it. Then, the other shoe dropped.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) meeti...

On September 3, 2010, I received a shocking e-mail from The National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR). It said that even though the NRA publicly stated their "non-endorsement" of Reid, they were actually supporting him behind the scenes with contributions to his campaign. I decided to verify the report by reviewing the National Rifle Association's Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF) campaign finance disclosures and found it was true. The NRA-PVF has contributed $4950 to Reid's re-election campaign according to information on file with the Federal Election Commission (FEC). Their donations include :
  • $2500 on 9/22/2009,
  • $1500 on 3/25/2010, and
  • $950 on 8/27/2010.
Interestingly, the last donation, for $950, was made on the same day (8/27/2010) the NRA announced they would not endorse Reid. So, were they for him before they were against him ?? Many will say that giving $4950 to Reid is not a big deal and is just a drop in the bucket when compared to other contributions received by him. Is it really ?? Personally, I don't believe the NRA-PVF should be giving this joker one red cent considering some of his anti-2nd Amendment votes. For instance, this is the same Harry Reid that has voted :
The NRA's financial support of Reid puts them in some interesting company. They're putting their financial resources behind the same horse as the gun-hating Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg. According to an article on, Michael Bloomberg Takes Show on the Road, Bloomberg held a re-election fundraiser for Reid in New York City back in September. Apparently, he and Reid have formed a friendship. It makes me wonder if the NRA is now buddy-buddy with their longtime rival, Bloomberg, too.

As for Sharron Angle, Reid's challenger, she received a 100% pro-gun rating on NAGR's gun rights questionnaire as well as a grade of A from the NRA. However, she has NOT received 1 cent from the NRA-PVF. Majority Leader Reid, on the other hand, received a grade of B from the NRA even after all the anti-gun votes (mentioned above) he has cast. I would have given him an F. The NRA's reasoning makes no sense. They are as out of touch with everyday Americans as Congress. It's why I resigned my membership in the NRA back in August. If you are presently a member of the NRA, you should, too. Join a local gun rights organization, the National Associations for Gun Rights, Gunowners of America, or another pro-gun rights group who won't betray you due to greed, power, and politics as the NRA is doing. You'll be glad you did and may even get more bang for your buck (no pun intended).

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Uh-oh .... I found it.

Today's post is a follow-up to yesterday's, Where's Steve Gill ??, and one from October 13th, Rocks and glass houses, peas in a pod, birds of a feather, and politics. It seems like the more I dig, the more I find. I would really like to pass the shovel to the "professional journalists" out there. However, since they're not doing this dirty job, someone else has to. I've now found a Tennessee Registry of Election Finance (TREF) 2006 Audit Report for Senator Mae Beavers, and according to the report, they had some questions about Beavers campaign finances, too. The TREF's audit report contained five findings, or "deficiencies," in her 2006 reports. They are explained below.

First, the report states that she "... understated total contributions received during her 2006 campaign." She failed to report $5873 in contributions received during the period covered by the audit. The "omission" violated T.C.A. Section 2-10-105(a) and included :
  • two $1000 donations from PAC's, 
  • two $1000 donations from individuals, and
  • two $250 donations from individuals.
Second, the report states that she "... failed to itemize all contributions from individuals who contributed more than $100 during a reporting period." There were seven of these un-itemized contributions totaling $748 which violated T.C.A. Section 2-10-107(a)(2)(A)(i) and included an un-itemized contribution received from an individual for $500.

Third, the report states that she "... did not follow the Registry rules for bookkeeping" including reconciling the campaign bank account and records to the campaign disclosure filings. The auditors believed that if she had done so, she would not have :
  • reported a $2000 contribution from a couple as only $1600,
  • reported a $125 contribution from an individual as only $100,
  • double reported a $500 contribution adjustment from a PAC,
  • double reported a $200 contribution from an individual,
  • reported a $100 contribution from an individual as $1000, 
  • reported payment amounts to vendors, incorrectly,
  • double reported vendor payments, and 
  • double reported un-itemized expenses.
Fourth, the report states she "... failed to report all campaign expenditures." Specifically, the report states that she failed to report $7170.83 disbursed out of her campaign account in violation of T.C.A. Section 2-10-105(a). The disbursements she failed to report include :
  • $962.15 in telephone expenses,
  • $500 paid to a campaign worker,
  • $2212.69 paid for campaign signs, and
  • $3215 paid for radio advertising expense.
Lastly, the report states that she "... failed to itemize several expenditures to payees who were paid more than $100 during a reporting period." These violated T.C.A. Section 2-10-107(a)(2)(B) and involved $1085.14 worth of un-itemized expenditures with much of the total involving gas purchases.

At the conclusion of the audit, TREF recommended that :
Sen. Beavers should amend her campaign financial disclosure reports to include all campaign contributions and expenditures received and disbursed during her campaign. Sen. Beavers should amend her reports to ensure that she reported all individuals that contributed more than $100.00 during each reporting period as itemized. Sen. Beavers should amend her reports to ensure that she reported all disbursements to a source that received more than $100.00 during each reporting period as itemized. For future elections, the candidate should develop a campaign record-keeping system that adequately meets the requirements of the campaign financial disclosure statutes. The system should ensure that documentation is obtained and maintained for each contributor. Finally, the candidate should reconcile the campaign bank account to the campaign disclosure statements to ensure that all campaign finance activities are properly recorded and reported.
Due to my accounting background, it appears to me that one of the causes of the "discrepancies" noted in TREF's audit report is either a lack of proper internal control, a failure to follow proper internal control procedures, or both. Furthermore, these "issues" cause me to seriously question if Beavers can adequately represent us in the State Senate at a time when serious monetary and budget problems will face the next governor and General Assembly. They will have serious work to do to keep the state financially solvent. To Beavers credit, however, the TREF's report does state that she chose to follow the auditors' recommendations by amending the reports in question. However, as I asked yesterday, where was Steve Gill and the rest of the media in all this mess ?? It seems that someone should have asked whether these were mere oversights or intentional misrepresentations on the part of the Beavers' campaign. It seems that other candidates get hammered for any alleged campaign finance "discrepancies" but Beavers gets a pass. It's an obvious double standard, and it's not right.

In my opinion, this audit report is further proof to me that it is time to replace Beavers and give someone else an opportunity to serve in the Tennessee Senate. She has been in the Tennessee Legislature for about 15 years which is long enough. I encourage Tennessean's living in the 17th Senate District, including Wilson, DeKalb, Smith, Cannon, Trousdale, Macon, and part of Sumner counties, to vote George McDonald for Tennessee Senate on November 2nd. Let's give him a chance, and if he doesn't do the job we need done, we can always replace him in 2014.

P.S. In regards to today's post, I must say a big thank you to Al "The Father of the Internet" Gore. If it was not for "his" great invention called the internet, the audit report would not have been so readily available. We, the citizens of Tennessee's 17th Senate District, owe him big time. Isn't technology great ?? Thanks Al !!
Al Gore's Hearing on Global Warming
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Monday, October 25, 2010

Where's Steve Gill ??

Lately, there's been a lot of talk in Wilson Co. (TN) about campaign finances. Most of the talk has involved Republicans. The ran an article, Wilson GOP Chiefs Ousted As State, County Parties Spar, mentioning a $7000 donation to Incumbent State Senator Mae Beavers which allegedly was never disclosed on her campaign financial reports. Beavers claims to have returned it, but so far, she has produced no evidence that she did. Next on October 20, 2010, the Chattanooga Times Free Press broke a story, TBI, FBI, Look at State Handling of Some Sales Tax Investigations, involving a furniture chain, D.T. McCall and Sons, which is a long-time contributor to Republican campaigns, including Beavers. Both of these stories made me curious so I decided to look at Beavers state campaign financial disclosures, which are public record and available online, to see if the $7000 check mentioned earlier was reported by her. It does not appear on any of the reports listed. So, apparently, it was not reported. My curiosity now peaking, I decided to look through all the reports available for her. My findings follow.

The booklet Campaign Finance Guidelines for Candidates published by the Tennessee Registry of Election Finance contains the Tennessee Financial Disclosure Laws. There is also a section for Frequently Asked Questions. In this section, on page 17 of the booklet, number 19 asks, "Are there any restrictions on the use of campaign contributions by candidates ?" It states :
A candidate for an elected public office is prohibited from using any campaign funds prior to, during, or after an election for the candidate's own personal use. Personal use is defined as any use of funds that would require the candidate or official to treat the use as gross income under Section 61 of the IRS code of 1986.
Seal of the Internal Revenue Service
Below this paragraph, the booklet states :
Whether an expenditure of campaign funds by a candidate is made for a political purpose depends upon the facts and circumstances surrounding the expenditure. An activity engaged in between elections by a candidate which is directly related to and supports the selection, nomination or election of that individual to public office is considered political activity. An expense which would be incurred by an individual regardless of that person's candidacy for public office is considered an expenditure for a nonpolitical purpose, except as allowed for the expenditure of surplus contributions. (emphasis added)
As I at looked Beavers reports starting with the Early Supplemental 2003 report through the 3rd Quarter 2010 report, a number of things caught my eye. For instance, I noticed that during that time period she has claimed the following as campaign expenditures :
  • over $14,000 for cell phones,
  • over $2000 for Dues (Rotary, Chamber, etc.), and
  • over $300 for Subscriptions (mostly newspapers).
In my opinion, a reasonable person would conclude that these are expenses "... which would be incurred by an individual regardless of that person's candidacy for public office ..." and " ... should be considered an expenditure for a nonpolitical purpose." So, how is Beavers able to claim them as a campaign expenditure ?? Aren't campaign expenditures things such as banners, signs, brochures, ads (TV, radio, newspaper, etc.), mailers, etc. ?? Now, I'm not claiming that these were personal expenses claimed by Beavers on her campaign financial disclosures. I'm just saying that according to the guidelines I've referred to above, they do not appear to be bona fide campaign expenditures.

Back on October 13th, I did a post on this blog titled Rocks and glass houses, peas in a pod, birds of a feather, and politics. One of the things I talked about in that post was how radio talk show host Steve Gill had badgered State Rep. Susan Lynn over an alleged campaign finance violation on her part, of which she was completely exonerated. The question I have now is - why is Gill not looking into Beavers campaign finances as he did so unmercifully in regards to Lynn ?? Fair is fair. If a measly blogger such as I can find this stuff, surely a "professional" such as Gill can, too. Plus, he would also have the resources to do a thorough investigation. Could it be that Beavers gets a pass since she is a friend of Gill's ?? Surely that's not the answer. Or, is it ??
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Friday, October 22, 2010

Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally - Part 13, The Finale

We are concluding the Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally videos today with Part 13. Many people were blessed to attend it in person but many were unable to. If you have watched all 13 parts here on my blog, you can say that you got to experience it. Plus, I want to thank you for coming back each day to watch. If you ever want to revisit a section of the rally, you can come back to the blog and watch it again. I plan on leaving the videos up permanently. Just click on the Label "Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally" and pick out the one you're looking for.

I hope everyone has enjoyed this series. It concludes with more of Beck's monologue, Amazing Grace on the bagpipes, and a powerful benediction prayer. You can watch here or below.

One of the purposes of the rally was to raise funds for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation (SOWF). I encourage you to take a minute and visit their website by clicking here. Beck's rally raised over $5.5 Million for this great cause. If you would like to contribute, you still can on the SOWF's website. I will leave the SOWF's link on the blog permanently under "Links Where You Can Help Support America's Military Heroes." It's my way of helping promote it and is the least I can do to help these who have sacrificed so much for our freedom. I have also included a link there to the Wounded Warrior Project website.

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Vote for Tennessee Governor not an easy decision

This is the official Tennessee state photograp...The fact that Phil Bredesen (pictured top left) has just a little more than two months left in his tenure as Tennessee's Governor brings great joy to my heart. My regular blog readers know that I am not a fan of his based upon my previous blog posts. Ever since I've been of legal voting age, Tennessee has been stuck with Liberals, such as Ned McWherter (pictured upper right), Don Sundquist, and now Bredesen, in the state's highest office. So, when the 2010 Tennessee Governor's race started, I was very hopeful we would finally get a good Conservative governor. However, at his point, it is very unlikely. Considering who the front runners are, it's likely that we'll get stuck with another bum.

Ned McWherter
The two front runners to replace Bredesen are Mike McWherter, the Democratic nominee, and Bill Haslam (pictured lower right), the Republican nominee. Mike McWherter is the son of former Governor Ned McWherter (pictured upper right). Eight years of his dad, Ned, as governor was eight too many. Besides the fact that Mike is a Liberal, the last thing we need is another McWherter as Governor. More years of beer, trucks, and vanilla wafers doesn't work for me. He won't be getting my vote.

Bill Haslam, the Republican nominee, is the former Mayor of Knoxville, TN. The Haslam Family is filthy rich owning Pilot Oil. Haslam has been trying to paint himself as a conservative. However, I have some serious misgivings about Haslam's "Conservatism" including :
  • His family is connected to former Governor Don Sundquist who was a proponent of a state income tax during his tenure. Haslam has stated his opposition to a state income tax. The question for me is will he be a man of his word if it comes up during his tenure ?? I am not convinced he will.
  • His record and views on the 2nd Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms is questionable, too. He is a former member of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's anti-gun group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns. The group's name is misleading as they are not against just illegal guns but are against gun ownership period. Haslam left the group just shortly before declaring his candidacy for Tennessee governor and joined the National Rifle Association (NRA). He apparently figured out that he didn't stand a chance of winning the governor's race as a member of Bloomberg's anti-gun group. Plus, the following video taken at a recent Tennessee Firearms Association (TFA) leaves some doubt as to his true feelings on the 2nd Amendment and citizens carrying firearms for self-defense. His hesitancy and comments about "living in the real world" in this video leave a substantial doubt in my mind as to his true commitment to the 2nd Amendment. On the gun issue, he comes across as a typical politician who's just saying what the people want to hear. I'm not buying it. Therefore, I will not be voting for him either.

Since I've said "NO" to both Haslam and McWherter, I'll be choosing from the Independents on the ballot. Fortunately, there are a number of them. Two, Samuel Duck and Carl Whitaker, have withdrawn so you should not vote for them if they appear on your ballot. They may have withdrawn to late for their names to be removed. Of the others, some have websites and other information available and some do not. As far as I know, each one listed below is still actively seeking the governor's office. Their names and any other information available about them follows.
  1. Bayron Binkley - click here to visit website - Binkley is a real estate broker and the views he expresses on his website are conservative. He wants to get Tennesseans back to work, improve education, keep taxes low (no income tax), he's pro-2nd Amendment, and believes all judges should be elected.
  2. Brandon Dodds - click here to visit website - Dodds is a young guy. He is the son of a farmer and currently owns his own optometry practice. He opposes both a state income tax and Cap and Trade. He is Pro-Life and Pro-2nd Amendment.
  3. David Gatchell - click here to visit website - Gatchell is the "None of the Above" candidate. In other words, if you don't like any of the candidates listed, vote for him. If elected, he then promises to call for a make-up election within 90 days to elect a "real" winner. Plus, he says on his website that during that 90 day period he would only perform "minimal" activities as governor. His website states no views on any issue. The idea of holding another "make-up" election seems foolish to me because then the taxpayers have to eat the cost of the additional election.
  4. June Griffin - has no website available but has a Project Vote Smart profile showing both Conservative and Liberal views. She is an ordained minister and former dental lab owner.
  5. Toni K. Hall - has no website but claims to have both Conservative and Liberal views depending on the issue on her Toni's Space page.
  6. Mike Knois - click here to visit website - works as a paralegal. As governor, his goal is to increase jobs and decrease taxes.
  7. Boyce T. McCall - click here to visit website - a retired Knoxville Police Officer. Website states that he is anti-abortion, wants to repeal the Tennessee Eminent Domain Act, and that anyone who needs legal assistance should receive it.
  8. Donald Ray McFolin - no website or other information found
  9. Linda Kay Perry - no website or other information found
  10. James Reesorclick here to visit website - has very colorful website with unique views including establishing "AmeriJericho."
  11. Thomas Smith II - no website or other information found
  12. Howard M. Switzer - click here to visit his blog - member of the Green Party. His interests focus on environmental issues.

Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam answer questions a...
Image via Wikipedia
In summary, the 2010 Tennessee governor's race will be different for me in that I will not be walking into the booth and punching the button by the "R." I won't be voting for the "D" either. I've stated my opinions of both McWherter and Haslam. Bill Haslam talks a good conservative game, but my concern is that it's just talk. If he wins, I hope he proves me wrong, and I have to eat crow. However, as I expressed in my August 27th post, Sheepdog on the Warpath - Part 3, The Finale - The GOP, the GOP has had a habit lately of giving voters less than true conservative candidates. Haslam is one of them. In my opinion, there appears to be two good choices, Bayron Binkley and Brandon Dodds, on the Independent ticket this year. My preference is Brandon Dodds because it's time to get some good, young, conservative blood with some new ideas in the governor's office. My opinion won't go over well with the establishment Republican elite, but they'll get over it. Consider this is my version of "Going Rogue."
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Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally - Part 12

In today's Part 12 of Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally, we see more of Beck's monologue. We only have one more part to go, and I'll run it tomorrow. Check out today's video by watching it here or below.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cooper's in a Stuper

Incumbent Congressman Jim Cooper has stooped to a new low in his newest TV ad in which he uses the recent Nashville flood and its victims for his own political gain. You can watch it here.

I stated in my July 23, 2010 blog post titled Shut Yo Pie Hole ..... PLEASE that Cooper was only concerned about the flood's aftermath because it is an election year. He has been in Congress nearly 20 years and the power, greed, and elitism has apparently put Cooper into some kind of stuper. I have voted against this man time after time and I'll be doing it again in November. In addition to this tacky TV ad :
  • he voted AGAINST the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • he voted FOR the Brady Bill.
  • he voted FOR the so-called Assault Weapons Ban before voting AGAINST it on its final vote because funding to put additional police officers on the street was stripped from it.
  • he voted FOR ObamaCare.
  • he voted FOR Cap and Trade.
  • he voted FOR TARP.
  • he voted FOR the Stimulus Bill.
Therefore, in November, I'm voting to fire Jim Cooper and replace him with David Hall. If you live in the Tennessee counties of Davidson, Wilson, or Cheatham, you should, too. For more information on David Hall, please visit For more info on Jim Cooper's lousy Congressional career, please visit
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Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally - Part 11

Today's video portion of Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally contains more of Beck's monologue. You can watch it here or below. I'll post Part 12 tomorrow.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally - Part 10

More of Glenn Beck's monologue is featured in today's video portion of Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally. After watching today's video we'll have 10 of 13 parts down and only 3 to go. You can watch it here or below.

We will continue with Part 11 tomorrow.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Bad news about Grandpa

An elderly man suffered a massive heart attack. The family drove wildly to get him to the emergency room. After what seemed like a very long wait, the ER doctor appeared wearing his scrubs and a long face.

Sadly, he said, "I'm afraid Grandpa is brain-dead, but his heart is still beating."

"Oh, Dear God," cried his wife, her hands clasped against her cheeks with shock. "We've never had a Democrat in the family before!"
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Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally - Part 9

I must apologize as I have gotten a couple of days behind on the Restoring Honor videos. Last Wednesday, I promised that Part 9 would run last Thursday, so now we're playing catch up. There are five parts to go, so we'll finish up this Friday.

The last five parts of Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally are Beck's monologue. Today's Part 9 is available by clicking here.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rocks and glass houses, peas in a pod, birds of a feather, and politics

The 2010 elections will go down in history as one of the most important and intense in our nation's history. In Tennessee, we have seen some of the most hotly contested primaries ever. One in particular kept the media and politicos buzzing all spring and through the summer until the primaries on August 5th. It was the State Senate Republican Primary for Tennessee's 17th District. It pitted the incumbent, Sen. Mae Beavers, against State Representative Susan Lynn, and the newcomer Gordon Borck.

The incumbent, Beavers, won the primary due to a lot of help from her friends. One of them was radio talk show host Steve Gill. Beavers spent over $12,000 on advertising on Gill's show prior to the primary, according to her campaign finance reports. Gill got involved in the race early making inquiries of the Tennessee Registry of Election Finance (TREF) as to whether all of Rep. Lynn papers were in order. He also inquired as to if she could be removed from the ballot if they were not. Then, according to documents on The TREF website, a complaint was filed against Rep. Lynn by Craig West alleging that Lynn had failed to file the proper form to designate a Treasurer for her campaign. Rep. Lynn cooperated with the investigation providing a written statement to the Board which said that she did not believe she had "... broken any law" as she had always been her own Treasurer. The TREF agreed with her and dismissed the complaint which according to an article on the, Ethics Complaint Against Lynn Dismissed, appeared to be nothing more than a "political weapon" used against Lynn by Gill and others in an effort to help Beavers win the primary. Interestingly, not only does Beavers advertise on Gill's show, but Beavers Finance Chair, A.J. McCall of D.T. McCall's Furniture, has, too. These connections make one wonder if the complainant, West, might also have a connection to the Gill-Beavers-McCall team, but that's probably something better left to a professional investigative reporter to look into - not a little ol' blogger. Plus, I wouldn't want to be labeled a "Conspiracy Theorist."

Some of Steve Gill's rhetoric during the whole escapade was pretty intense. He referred to Rep. Lynn as a criminal claiming that she had raised campaign funds illegally and misstated her voting record. He claimed she had voted in favor of drivers licenses for illegal aliens. The problem for Gill is that TREF cleared Lynn of any wrongdoing (as mentioned previously), and she was NOT even a member of the Tennessee Legislature when the bill granting illegal aliens drivers licenses was passed. You would think someone of Gill's notoriety, "stature," and resources would check his facts better. These "errors" made him look unprofessional and less credible as a talk show host. Did he use information received from a source without verifying it first ?? Who could that source have been ??

After listening to Gill's ranting and raving, I remembered that he had ran for elected office twice. In 1994, he lost to the incumbent Bart Gordon in a close race for the U.S. House of Representatives. In 1996, he ran against Gordon again, but this time Gordon whipped him easily him making a two-time loser out of him. Gill has not run since. I decided to do some digging paying close attention to Gill's campaign finance disclosures filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC). My experience as a former auditor taught me that generally when someone gets so intense and emotional about an issue, such as election finances, it's because they have a past with that issue. It's the ol', "Don't be throwing rocks if you live in a glass house."

While reviewing the FEC filings of the Gill for Congress Committee (hereafter the Gill Committee), I found that the FEC had questioned, on several occasions, contributions received from donors due to them being over the maximum legal limits. Plus, on a couple of occasions, the Gill Committee had to be sent "Second Requests" by the FEC for failure to reply to their first request. I noted the following items :
  • Reporting period 4/1/1996 - 6/30/1996 - the Gill Committee received a request for additional information from the FEC on 9/24/1996 due to contributions received in excess of the  maximum legal limits. Apparently, the Gill Committee did not respond to the request so the FEC sent a second request threatening legal action on 10/17/1996. The Gill Committee finally responded to the FEC on 11/20/1996 by filing an amended report moving some of the excess contributions from the primary to the general election. The question is why did it take two requests and a threat of legal action ??
  • Reporting period 7/1/1996 - 9/30/1996 - the Gill Committee received a request for additional information from the FEC on 10/15/1996 because it appeared contributions exceeding the maximum legal limits had been accepted by the campaign again. Furthermore, the FEC, once again, had to send two requests. The first one on 7/1/1997 and another on 7/24/1997 which threatened legal action if the campaign did not comply. Finally, on 8/4/1997, the FEC received information amending the disclosure reports in question correcting what the Gill Campaign described as "typographical errors." Once again, why did they not cooperate with the first request ??
  • Reporting period 10/1/1996 - 10/16/1996 - the Gill Committee was sent a request for additional information by the FEC. This one dated 12/10/1996 noted the same "error" - contributions exceeding maximum legal limits. On this occasion, the Gill Campaign responded to the FEC inquiry much quicker only receiving one notice before filing additional information to amend the report.
  • Reporting period 10/17/1996 - 11/25/1996 - the Gill Committee was sent a request for additional information by the FEC. Guess what the problem was this time on the notice sent 12/12/1997 ?? Yep, you guessed it - contributions in excess of the maximum legal limits. You'd think they would have figured it out by then. Fortunately, it only took one notice from the FEC to get it right this time.
Steve Gill's Congressional Campaign Committee filed "errant" financial disclosure reports not once ... not twice ... not three times ... but on four different occasions during their 1996 campaign. On two of those occasions the FEC had to send multiple requests and threaten legal action in order to gain the Gill Campaign's compliance. Each time the infraction was the same - accepting contributions in excess of the maximum limits set by law. Were they just error prone ?? Or, were these "errors" intentional ?? Only the campaign knows for sure.

Steve Gill ruthlessly attacked Rep. Susan Lynn incessantly for allegedly breaking Tennessee Election Finance Law. We'll probably never know whether Gill's mouth had any effect on the outcome, and if so, how much. Fortunately, the TREF had more sense than Gill and cleared Rep. Lynn of any wrongdoing as they should have. Two things we know for sure, though - 1) Rep. Lynn cooperated with the TREF and was cleared, and 2) Gill's Campaign appears to have violated Federal Election Finance Law on multiple occasions and was, at best, slow in cooperating with the FEC. So, based upon these facts, should Gill really be going around calling people "criminals ??"

As I worked on this post, old sayings like "Birds of a feather flock together" and "two peas in a pod" came to mind." I've shown you the Gill / Beavers / McCall connection and Gill's record on campaign finance disclosures. It's the kind of stuff that makes inquisitive minds wonder what else might be out there just waiting to be found. There might not be anything to find, but then again there could be a career-making story out there for a motivated investigative journalist. Oh well, we may never know. But then again ......
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Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally - Part 8

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s niece, Alveda, gives a wonderful speech in today's video portion of Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally. The only disappointing thing is that the three musical performances are censored out by Youtube. However, it's still a great video. Please watch it here and check back for Part 9 tomorrow.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally - Part 7

After today, we'll be a little more than halfway through Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally. Today's Part 7 concludes the medal presentations and you can watch it here.

Tomorrow, I'll post Part 8. Plus, I have a special investigative blog entry slated to post tomorrow. I think you'll learn some things from it so be sure to check back.

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally - Part 6

Today's portion of Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally is about 14 minutes long. It contains two more medal presentations plus a great monologue about charity. The charity monologue is during the last two minutes of the video. Please watch and listen to it very carefully by clicking here.

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Two twins - one an organ donor, the other a recipient

Jenny and Cristy Purky, 28, are twin sisters and best friends living in Spring Hill, TN. Cristy has always been healthy having never had surgery or stitches for any reason. Jenny, however, has not been so lucky. She began to have kidney problems at only 18 months of age. When she was 18 years old in 2001, she had her first kidney transplant and her mother was the donor.

According to an article, Outlook Positive After Woman Donates Kidney to Twin, which appeared on, the kidney donated by Jenny's mother began failing four years ago causing her to go on dialysis. On June 28, 2010, Jenny received her 2nd kidney transplant, but this time the donor was Cristy, her sister. Cristy was actually a better match for the 2001 transplant, but the family decided to save a possible donation from her for later since many kidney transplant patients often need more than one transplant. It appears they made a good choice.

There is no secret that there are many Americans like Cristy. Over 108,000 are currently awaiting life-saving organ transplants. The saddest part is that 19 of them die waiting each day. You, however, can help save lives. Please visit the Donate Life America website and click on "Commit to Donation" to find out how to become a life-saving organ donor in your state. Do it today. 
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Friday, October 8, 2010

Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally - Part 5

In today's Part 5 of Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally, we see the first of three award presentations. The video is exactly 15 minutes long. Watch it here. We'll take a break for the weekend and pick back up with Part 6 on Monday.

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Tractor Supply Co. no longer posted

Back on September 8th, I posted a story about visiting the Tractor Supply Co. location on Lebanon Rd. in Old Hickory, TN and seeing that they had posted it "No Guns." I'm happy to able able to report that I drove by there the other day, and the "No Guns" signs have been taken down. I do not know if they received complaints from their customers, which include farmers, ranchers, and hunters, or what led to them changing their mind. However, since I called them on it when they posted, I felt it was only fair to also let everyone know that they have now done the right thing and respected our Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Thanks Tractor Supply.
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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally - Part 4

Many of you probably figured out that yesterday was Sarah Palin day here on The Sheepdog with the video and two other posts about her. Today's video portion of Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally contains another dose of Palin Power, plus the beginning of the medal ceremony. Sarah-cuda and medals - watch them here.

Part 5 is up tomorrow.

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally - Part 3

I need to do a quick bit of housekeeping first thing today. A friend of mine e-mailed me last night concerned about the comments he was seeing below these videos on Youtube. If you're are one of my regular readers who have watched the first two videos I've provided of Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally on this blog, you may have seen them, too. I apologize to anyone that has been offended by some of the vile negativity posted on Youtube. It did not come from me or any of my readers. They came from others who have watched the videos on Youtube. These are a good example of what is wrong with our country today and came from people who have no idea what honor is. We need to pray for them. As my mother use to say, "Just consider the source." Please do not let them discourage you from continuing to watch the videos. You will miss a blessing if you do. Plus, if we quit - they win. Never give in.

Today's video portion of the rally contains the first part of Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's speech. She introduces some U.S. military veterans and tells their stories. You can view the video here. More of Palin's speech will be in the video portion, Part 4, that I post tomorrow.

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Palin now thinking more seriously about run for Prez in 2012

Photo courtesy of Roger H. Goun on Flickr.

Rumors have been running rampant for months about Sarah Palin's political future. Will she or won't she run for president in 2012 ?? Recently, in an interview with Fox News which was reported on (Palin on 2012 : 'Of course I would give it a shot'), she seemed more open to the idea than she has in the past. She said :
If the American people were to be ready for someone who is willing to shake it up, and willing to get back to time-tested truths, and help lead our country towards a more prosperous and safe future and if they happen to think I was the one, if it were best for my family and for our country, of course I would give it a shot.
If she does choose to run in 2012, it could make for a very interesting race. In my opinion, she would be the first interesting and most promising presidential candidate the Republicans have given the American people in years. Perhaps since Reagan.
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Palin says Obama doesn't have any ....... "courage"

A few months ago the brouhaha began over Arizona's new immigration law. Simply put, the law gives law enforcement officials the authority to check the immigration status of people when detaining them. The law was passed by the Arizona state legislature and signed into law by Governor Jan Brewer as a way of solving the state's current crisis with illegal aliens.

Arizona passed this new law due to the Federal Government's failure to secure the borders. In an article on NewsMax.comPalin : Obama Doesn't Have 'Cojones', Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin praises Gov. Brewer for not backing down on the new law even while under pressure from the Obama Administration. In fact, when referring to Brewer's crackdown on illegal immigration, Palin said that Brewer "... has the cojones ..." that Obama doesn't.

I'm glad someone finally had the "cojones" to say it. You may remember that Palin was the only member of the McCain Campaign in 2008 that had the courage to come out and label Obama correctly as a socialist. Palin is liked by many and hated by many. However, no matter how you feel about her, you might as well get used to her because she's gonna be around for a while.
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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Woman celebrates 25th heart transplant anniversary

A few weeks ago, Jan Vaughn celebrated the 25th anniversary of her heart transplant. She was the first Tennessee woman to receive a heart transplant when she received the gift of life at St. Thomas Hospital in Nashville in 1985. She required the transplant after developing cardiomyopathy while pregnant with her only daughter.

According to the article, State's First Woman Heart Transplant Celebrates 25 Years of Life, on, Vaughn is the only one still living out of the eight heart transplants St. Thomas performed in 1985. Interestingly, St. Thomas is also where I received my "second chance" in 2007. Congratulations to Jan. Hopefully, one day I too will celebrate a 25th transplant anniversary.

You can help give others a "second chance" by visiting the Donate Life America website and then clicking on "Commit to Donation" to learn how to sign up to be an organ and tissue donor in your state. In many states, you can sign up right there at your computer !!
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Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally - Part 2

Today's video portion of Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally contains a speech by the mother of an American soldier who was killed in Iraq. Her story is moving. Please watch it here and make sure you have a tissue close.

Up tomorrow in Part 3 is Sarah Palin's speech.

For more information on The Special Operations Warrior Fund, click here.

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally - Part 1

As promised on Friday, today's post is the first part of Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally. The event was held in Washington, D.C. on August 28, 2010. I'm posting these videos for my readers who wanted to see the rally but did not have an opportunity to do so. There will be a total of 13 of these videos each running 10-15 minutes long. Today's part is a little over 12 minutes long and contains an introduction by Beck and a powerful opening invocation. You can watch it here.

I'll run Part 2 tomorrow.

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Friday, October 1, 2010

A special video presentation will start here next week

Many were blessed with an opportunity to either attend or watch Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally in Washington, D.C. back on August 28th. However, many of us missed it. One purpose of the rally was a fundraiser for the Special Operations Warrior Fund. You can visit their website here. I have found a video presentation of the rally available on Youtube. The 3-hour event is broken up into thirteen 10-15 minute sections, and I will begin running one section per day (Monday-Friday) here on this blog starting this coming Monday, October 4th. I'm offering this as a service to my readers and any others who were unfortunately unable to see the rally live. So, check back each day when you've got 10-15 minutes to spare and witness history.
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