Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally - Part 3

I need to do a quick bit of housekeeping first thing today. A friend of mine e-mailed me last night concerned about the comments he was seeing below these videos on Youtube. If you're are one of my regular readers who have watched the first two videos I've provided of Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally on this blog, you may have seen them, too. I apologize to anyone that has been offended by some of the vile negativity posted on Youtube. It did not come from me or any of my readers. They came from others who have watched the videos on Youtube. These are a good example of what is wrong with our country today and came from people who have no idea what honor is. We need to pray for them. As my mother use to say, "Just consider the source." Please do not let them discourage you from continuing to watch the videos. You will miss a blessing if you do. Plus, if we quit - they win. Never give in.

Today's video portion of the rally contains the first part of Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's speech. She introduces some U.S. military veterans and tells their stories. You can view the video here. More of Palin's speech will be in the video portion, Part 4, that I post tomorrow.

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