Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Palin says Obama doesn't have any ....... "courage"

A few months ago the brouhaha began over Arizona's new immigration law. Simply put, the law gives law enforcement officials the authority to check the immigration status of people when detaining them. The law was passed by the Arizona state legislature and signed into law by Governor Jan Brewer as a way of solving the state's current crisis with illegal aliens.

Arizona passed this new law due to the Federal Government's failure to secure the borders. In an article on NewsMax.comPalin : Obama Doesn't Have 'Cojones', Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin praises Gov. Brewer for not backing down on the new law even while under pressure from the Obama Administration. In fact, when referring to Brewer's crackdown on illegal immigration, Palin said that Brewer "... has the cojones ..." that Obama doesn't.

I'm glad someone finally had the "cojones" to say it. You may remember that Palin was the only member of the McCain Campaign in 2008 that had the courage to come out and label Obama correctly as a socialist. Palin is liked by many and hated by many. However, no matter how you feel about her, you might as well get used to her because she's gonna be around for a while.
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