Monday, February 20, 2017

Music and a Milestone

On February 20, 2007, two Tennessee men were desperate, suffering, fighting for their lives, and needing a miracle - a miracle in the form of a life-saving organ transplant. One needed a liver, and the other a heart. One would lose his battle, but in the process, he would save the life of the other. Medical records will show that the one man died that night, but I will assert that, in a way, he did not - he lives on through the gift of his heart to me.

Kent, my donor
Today makes 10 years since I received the call that a heart was available for transplant for me. Tomorrow will be the actual 10 year anniversary of my transplant. The last 10 years have rushed by fast. I am thankful for each day. Those days would not have been possible without my heart donor, Kent. I do not take a day for granted. Without him, my wife and I would not have celebrated our 20th anniversary. We would not have been to Hawaii together. I wouldn't have shot my 1st, or 2nd, trophy buck. I wouldn't have ever harvested my 1st turkey, or seen my nephews grow into teenagers. I am grateful for all of those memories and many others. None of them possible without Kent.

Today's a Music Monday, and I had a tough time coming up with a song for today. Then, I remembered one of Skillet's more recent releases - "Not Gonna Die". The song was released on the band's 2013 record titled Rise. From what I understand, the song is actually about not letting sin overtake and consume you. However, to me today it has another meaning.

The video and the lyrics are a little dark, but when I think about what both Kent and I were going through 10 years ago today, the struggle, the emotions, the feeling of helplessness - they are the perfect artistic rendering of what we were experiencing.

Neither of us wanted to die that night - and, in a way, neither of us did. We're walking this earth together. Kent also saved others that night 10 years ago by donating other organs. He improved the lives of many others, too, through tissue donation. He left a legacy of life and giving to others. So, he lives on not just in me, but in many others, too. He is a hero to many of us and our families.

Thanks again, Kent.

The video is embedded below or can be watched by clicking here.

If you are not presently registered as an organ and tissue donor, you can learn more, and even learn how to register in the state where you live, by clicking here.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Rule #2

Rule #2 -
ALWAYS Be Prepared - Keep Your Knife Sharp and Your Sidearm Cleaned and Lubed.

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Monday, February 6, 2017

Music for the Super Bowl Blues

Atlanta Falcons logo
Atlanta Falcons logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Like much of the country, I was pulling for the Atlanta Falcons last night. Still can't believe they couldn't hold onto a 25 point lead and secure their 1st Super Bowl title. They did every thing right for the first 3 quarters - they were aggressive offensively, and their defense was able to get pressure on Tom Brady regularly. Coach Dan Quinn nailed the game plan. It just seemed like his team ran out of gas in the 4th quarter and the Patriots pounced.

The loss was a heartbreaker for the Falcons, their fans, and anyone who lost money on the game. However, The Sheepdog is here with the cure for what ails you as I roll out the first Music Monday of 2017.

In 2014, AC/DC released their Rock or Bust album. One of the singles on that album is "Rock the Blues Away". It's received a lot of airplay on satellite radio and various music apps, and in my opinion, it's one of the band's best. So, if the Falcons loss has left you feeling a little low, crank up the volume and rock those blues away with a dose of AC/DC. I'm confident that no matter how bad you feel, this will get your foot tappin' and pick up your spirits.

The video is embedded below or can be viewed by clicking here.