Monday, February 6, 2017

Music for the Super Bowl Blues

Atlanta Falcons logo
Atlanta Falcons logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Like much of the country, I was pulling for the Atlanta Falcons last night. Still can't believe they couldn't hold onto a 25 point lead and secure their 1st Super Bowl title. They did every thing right for the first 3 quarters - they were aggressive offensively, and their defense was able to get pressure on Tom Brady regularly. Coach Dan Quinn nailed the game plan. It just seemed like his team ran out of gas in the 4th quarter and the Patriots pounced.

The loss was a heartbreaker for the Falcons, their fans, and anyone who lost money on the game. However, The Sheepdog is here with the cure for what ails you as I roll out the first Music Monday of 2017.

In 2014, AC/DC released their Rock or Bust album. One of the singles on that album is "Rock the Blues Away". It's received a lot of airplay on satellite radio and various music apps, and in my opinion, it's one of the band's best. So, if the Falcons loss has left you feeling a little low, crank up the volume and rock those blues away with a dose of AC/DC. I'm confident that no matter how bad you feel, this will get your foot tappin' and pick up your spirits.

The video is embedded below or can be viewed by clicking here.

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