Monday, December 31, 2018

Think Twice In 2019

One day last week, when I had SiriusXM playing in my truck, I heard today's Music Monday song for the first time in several years. It got me to thinking - thinking about how we Americans treat each other. There's way too much arguing, and yelling and screaming over politics, sports, how our food is or is not prepared when we go out to eat, over how poorly someone else drives, and so many other things that, as my mom used to say, "don't amount to a hill of beans".  It also led to me wondering, "what if we tried doing things differently in 2019?"

Today's Music Monday is Phil Collins' "Another Day In Paradise" from his 1989 album ... But Seriously? Interestingly, both the song and the album went to #1. 

The song is about the plight of the homeless, but as I listened to it the other day, the lyrics got me to thinking about it's application to other hardships. For instance:

The woman who is a victim of domestic violence.
Just another day in paradise.
The man who's just been diagnosed with terminal stage 4 cancer.
Just another day in paradise. 
The soldier's wife whose husband just left for a year-long deployment.
Just another day in paradise.
The woman whose husband of 50 years just passed away.
Just another day in paradise.
The man who's been outta work for 6 months and is in danger of losing his home and being unable to feed his family.
Just another day in paradise.
The lonely teenager who needs a friend.
Just another day in paradise.
The one who's in the hospital running out of time waiting on a life-saving organ transplant.
Just another day in paradise.

I could go on and on with this, because nearly every one is struggling with something. So, let's put aside all the anger, selfishness, and hostility and try helping someone(s) in 2019, because what we've been doing simply ain't working. What would daily life in the U.S. look like if we did?

2019 and our chance to "think twice" and do something different that makes a difference begins tomorrow. We hear talk about "change" all the time. For once, let's make a change that actually does some good. Shall we?

The music video is embedded below or can be watched by clicking here


Happy New Year everyone!!

Friday, December 28, 2018

Bye, Bye Facebook

Back in April, The Sheepdog announced the creation of a new Facebook page for this blog. With most people using Facebook daily, I felt it would make reading my posts much more convenient for some of my readers.

Source : Wikipedia
Over the last few years, we have learned much about what Facebook does with the information we put on our Facebook pages. However, I wondered how extensive the "information sharing" actually was.

Then, last week, it was revealed that Facebook shared some of it's users private messages with it's business associates, including Netflix and Spotify. Read more here

This news was the last straw for me. So, I have decided to delete The 2nd Chance Sheepdog Facebook page. If you have "Liked" it and follow it, I thank you. I'm also sorry to have to terminate the page. It's just that Facebook has gone too far, and my concern is "what additional information are they gathering from people when they visit my page?" The page will be deleted sometime in the next couple of days.