Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Flip Flops and ...... Beavers ??

Gordonsville, TN held it's 100th Birthday Celebration this past Saturday, the 26th. It was a wonderful event with good food, good music, and classic cars and tractors on display. My favorite was the '69 Camaro. I always wanted one of those.

A "stumping" was held that afternoon in which local, state, and federal candidates for the 2010 elections were given two minutes each to tell about themselves. I was particularly interested in what the incumbent State Senator for the 17th District, Mae Beavers, had to say. She spent most of her allotted time playing defense, though. It got me to thinking about previous conversations I've had with her in which she's told me she's against bonds and public debt - period.

On June 17, 2009, Beavers voted against a bond issue (SB 2358 / HB 2390) by the State of Tennessee that would have provided funding to repair approximately 200 bridges within the state, of which several were in her district. On Saturday Beavers said :
We've got two bridges under construction at the present time, and I just wanna say something folks. You're gonna hear something in this race about those bridges. People are gonna tell you Mae Beavers voted against the bonds so you didn't get the bridges last year. Let me tell ya something folks, those bonds have never been issued. The state has not had to issue those bonds and do the bridge construction. The bottom line ... if you'll go to the Transportation Committee in the Senate, there's testimony that those bridges were not ready for construction money last year. So, I just wanna put that to rest right off the bat.
Notice that she didn't say anything about her actual vote. Interesting, isn't it ?? If those bridges "were not ready" as she claims, then why did TDOT Commissioner Gerald Nicely refer to them as "structurally deficient" in an April 13, 2009 memo to the 106th General Assembly (see memo below) ??
According to this memo and accompanying documents, it does appear that TDOT felt these bridges were ready to be fixed. Beavers then went on to say, on Saturday, that, "We have it (the bridge bonds) in the budget for next year, and ... they will be done." Interestingly, in an election year, Beavers voted in favor of this year's bond bill (SB 3916 / HB 3925) that re-authorized the bridge bonds she voted against last year. Why ?? Well, she's taken quite a bit of heat from her constituents in the counties where the bridges and infrastructure are crumbling. So, in an effort to win their votes, she voted for the bridge repair bonds this year.
You can look at this one of two ways. She's either :
  1. a typical election year politician whose mind is on one thing - getting re-elected, or
  2. a flip-flopper.
Since she previously flip-flopped on running for Wilson Co. Mayor to run for re-election to the State Senate, I believe you could make a good case that the answer is actually all of the above - a flip-flopping, typical election year politician. If the flip flop fits .....

Oh yeah, one other thing - in 2009 when she voted against the bridge bonds that would have funded the improvements on the deteriorating local infrastructure, she voted in favor of   a corporate welfare project where state bonds (SB 315 / HB 421) were issued to build new plants for Volkswagon and Hemlock Semiconductor LLC. She cast that vote on February 26, 2009. Basically, in 2009, she voted against issuing bonds to improve deteriorating infrastructure and the daily activities of her constituents. However, she voted in favor of giving over $400 Million (including interest) to large corporations to build them new plants on the backs of Tennessee's working families.

So, let me break it down and summarize :
  1. First, Beavers claims to oppose bond issues and public debt.
  2. Then, on February 26, 2009, she flip flops and votes in favor of a bond issue for a corporate welfare project.
  3. Next, on June 17, 2009, she flip flops again and opposes a bond issue to fund the replacement and repair of dangerous bridges in Tennessee.
  4. Lastly, on June 3, 2010, she flip flops another time and votes in favor of re-authorizing the same bridge bonds she opposed in 2009.
Dang. That's a lot of flip flopping. Even a Largemouth Bass can't do that much. So, the question remains - when it comes to bonds and public debt, is Beavers "fer it or agin it ??" The really puzzling thing about all this "flip floppin' " is that Beavers is a Conservative Republican. Usually, it's the Liberal Progressive Democrats doing the "flip floppin'." I mean, Bill "Slick Willie" Clinton wrote the book on it. Did I miss a memo somewhere ?? Plus, it kinda makes you wonder what she'll flip-flop on next. Will in be her pro-life views ?? Her opposition to a state income tax ?? Or, maybe even her support for the right to keep and bear arms ?? Who knows ?? One thing seems apparent, though. With Mae, there's plenty of flip flops to go around.
Photo courtesy of Wikipedia and Flickr - FlipFlops : Just Pick One Up
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Friday, June 25, 2010

2010 U.S. Transplant Games - Update #5

We're getting closer and closer. Check-in for The Transplant Games is now only 5 weeks away with only 4 weeks of practice left. Jim and I practiced together twice more this week bowling a combined 875 Tuesday and a 968 today. Tuesday's score would have won us silver in 2008 missing gold by 7 pins. Today's total would have been a gold medal winner.

I'm still not bowling as well as I'd like. However, I picked up more spares today than I have been and learned some more things about different lane conditions. I'm still having issues getting my Roto-Grip Cell Pearl to turn the way it used to, but I'll keep working at it. I believe, though, that it may be the lanes where I've been practicing. I learned today that the facility sometimes only oils the lanes every 2 or 3 days which allows the oil to accumulate at the end of the lanes. With a ball set-up like mine that goes long and then flips hard (turns sharply) at the end, that can cause problems. So, I had the pro shop re-surface it again today to help the problem. Hopefully, that'll do it.

Due to these lane conditions and a recommendation from a friend, who's a bowling coach, I decided that starting next week I'm gonna mix up my practice locations to places I'm not as familiar with. I'm wondering if this oil accumulation is preventing me from getting an accurate understanding of how my ball is really working. Plus, I believe changing locations some could pay dividends when I get into the new environment in Madison. It kinda goes along with a quote I ran across from one of my heroes and favorite NASCAR driver, Dale Earnhardt - "It's not always the fastest car that wins the race, it's the one who refuses to lose." That's the game plan for the next 5 weeks - refuse to lose.

Lastly, online fundraising ends in only 5 days on June 30th. If you haven't donated but would like to, you can do so at my online fundraising site by clicking here. Any amount will be greatly appreciated whether it's $5, $10, $25, or even $100.
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Thursday, June 24, 2010

A case of the pot calling the kettle black

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia and Copper Kettle on Flickr
Recently (June 21, 2010), incumbent State Senator Mae Beavers sent out one of her e-mail newsletter updates telling about some of the things that happened in the last days of the Tennessee General Assembly's 2010 Session. When speaking about the budget that was passed she said, "It’s a shame that House members would prefer to spend, spend, spend and borrow, borrow, borrow rather than operate within our means." It's an interesting statement when you consider that on February 26, 2009, Beavers voted in favor of a bill (SB 315) authorizing the state of Tennessee to issue bonds (a.k.a. borrow money) to build Volkswagon a new plant in Chattanooga and Hemlock Semiconductor, LLC a new facility in Montgomery Co. to the tune of $262 Million. Over the life of this corporate welfare project, these bonds will cost the taxpayers of Tennessee over $400 Million dollars including interest. The question is - is this a case of "the pot calling the kettle black" or "do as I say and not as I do." Actually, it may be all of the above.
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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

North Dakota man gets early Father's Day gift

A North Dakota man recently received his 2010 Father's Day gift several weeks early. According to an article in The Bismarck Tribune, Ray Westmeyer's son, Todd, became a living kidney donor on May 4, 2010 by giving his dad not only a Father's Day gift but also the gift of life. Ray was diagnosed with kidney disease three years ago and had become so weak that he could not continue enjoying his hobbies, such as hunting, fishing, and playing golf with his sons.

Ray's story sounds eerily familiar. I got a feeling Ray will be back in the woods and fields this fall with his sons. This hunting heart recipient hopes Ray's first hunting trip this fall will be as successful as my first one with my dad after my transplant. I was only able to walk about 200 yards from the truck that day, but I got two does and my hunting buddy Dennis got an 8-pointer - Dennis (left), myself (center), and my dad (right) on 11/17/07.

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Beavers voted for ..... Naifeh ??

You gotta be kidding. There's not a snowball's chance in "you know where" that Senator Mae Beavers would have ever supported State Representative Jimmy Naifeh ..... right ?? Well, as hard as it is to believe, the answer is yes she did. She voted in favor of him being Speaker of the Tennessee House of Representatives not once, not twice, not three times, but on four (4) separate occasions. I could not believe it either when I first heard about this video on Youtube. Then, I watched it for myself, checked the records, and found out that it's true.

Here's why it's so puzzling to me. Naifeh is well-known for his dislike of the right to keep and bear arms. In fact, he has single-handedly killed numerous pro-gun bills, including several that would have expanded Tennesseans' right to carry, over the years. Beavers is known as being strongly in favor of the right to keep and bear arms and has received high marks from the NRA and other pro-gun groups over the years. So why would she support an anti-gunner like Naifeh for Speaker of the House ?? Is it politics as the video says ?? Or, is there another reason ?? I'd like to know because it simply doesn't add up. Does it make sense to you ??
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Friday, June 18, 2010

2010 U.S. Transplant Games - Update #4

In exactly 6 weeks from today, July 30th, teams will began arriving in Madison, WI for the 2010 U.S. Transplant Games. We will register and have team photographs made that day. Jim and I will practice at the bowling facilities where we will compete sometime that afternoon. We will then compete in the doubles event two days later and hopefully have the first of two gold medals around our necks by this time that evening, August 1st.

I have 5 weeks of practice left as I will practice here, at home, for the last time on July 23rd, and then take the week off before departure to allow my shoulder, arm, and back a chance to rest and rejuvenate before gametime. We practiced twice this week bowling a 915 combined on Tuesday and a 913 today. Both would have won gold in 2008. However, we're still looking for improvement. My first game today was much improved as I bowled a 168. However, the last 2 games went downhill, but I learned some things during them which I will apply next Tuesday in hopes of finally turning my inconsistency issues around.

I'm still fundraising but it has been slow. I only have 12 more days left in which I can raise funds as June 30th is the deadline. If you haven't made a donation but would like to, you can by clicking here.
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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Statement from Rep. Susan Lynn

On May 26, the Tennessee 9.12 Project requested to hold a debate for Senator Beavers and me at the Ward Agricultural Center on June 29th. I immediately accepted. Senator Beavers accepted but stated that the date was not good for her and that she would reply with another date. The leader of the group, Mr. Lee Douglas, now informs that Senator Beavers has since declined.

On June 5, the Wilson County Tea Party, led by Mrs. Sherrie Orange*, requested to hold a debate for the State Senate district candidates. I immediately accepted. At issue now is the choice of moderator for the event.

Undoubtedly, the moderator should be someone neutral to all parties and that conducts him or herself with maternity and professionalism.

The Lebanon Democrat wrote a story about Mrs. Orange's debate and her chosen moderator had a lot to say about my comments that he is not a neutral choice and my request that another moderator be selected.

Mrs. Orange chose radio talk show host Steve Gill; commonly known as a great cheerleader for my opponent - which is okay.

But he is obviously not a neutral choice to moderate this debate; it is embarrassing for me to even repeat his rhetoric but here is a small sample. You may hear talk about “hot women of the GOP.” Just today his conservative audience heard him refer to Speaker Kent Williams, an unpopular figure with conservatives, as “Susan’s buddy” and that “he was the guy that wanted to see Susan naked;” further, that the Speaker and I had “kissed and made up,” thus the reason I was made a committee chair; he claimed I “hang a lot” with another villain for conservatives, “Jimmy Naifeh.” He next misinformed his audience about one of my votes. However, his conclusion was probably the most visually striking because he suggested that Mrs. Orange should hold the debate anyway and “get a blow up picture of Marylyn Monroe with her skirt flinging up in the air” and put my face on it to place over a vacant seat to depict me at the debate.

There is a great deal more of similar rhetoric on his web site - I've been asked if I think this, and many of his other comments over these several months are an attempt to influence an election with conservatives voters? I don't know but I do know that I will not be bullied.

Mr. Gill’s daily spit ball style attacks display a lack of credibility on his part; his comments are often sexist; not only derogatory towards me but to all women. They display a lack of maturity and, at the very least, careless fact checking.

Mr. Gill should graciously accept that his services are unacceptable to one of the debaters and move on.

I do not go on Mr. Gill’s show to respond to his comments as other’s do. Nor do I attempt to appease him by buying advertising. And I will not further promote his career with billing as the moderator for what is arguably the most watched state senate Primary in the state.

The People of the 17th district deserve and could benefit from a legitimate and fairly moderated debate between the candidates.

Republican voters want candidates that display family values. Mr. Gill’s comments are embarrassing; not fit for family entertainment.

There are many fine neutral and dignified choices to moderate a debate; anchor Scott Arnold, or the local chamber president, or our own Coleman Walker easily come to mind.

I call on Senator Beavers to also reject Mr. Gill as a fair and neutral party to moderate this debate. It has been suggested to me that maybe she feels she needs Gill present acting as her club.

At this point, Senator Beavers has declined what would have been a fair debate with the 9.12 Project. I will debate anyone at anytime but both sides should be satified with the terms, and Mrs. Orange refuses to make a concession - So both debates should be shelved.

We are vying for the Republican nomination, and it is the Republican Party of Wilson County in conjunction with the Republican Women and the Young Republicans that should hold a debate; a proper venue for all Republican’s. Let's hope the party steps up to the plate for Republican voters.

Rep. Susan Lynn 

*Mrs. Orange is a campaign contributor to Senator Beavers’ campaigns.
(The Sheepdog has provided the applicable campaign contribution report links here and here for informational purposes.)
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"Thou Shall Not Steal" ...... seriously beaver dude, no stealing.

Tennessee State Senate District 17 has what could be the biggest political race in it's history this year. Incumbent State Senator Mae Beavers is pitted against State Representative Susan Lynn in the Republican Primary. District 17 covers the counties of Wilson, Clay, Cannon, Smith, Trousdale, Macon, Sumner (part of), and DeKalb Counties.

I heard last week that Sen. Beavers had posted on her Facebook page that she is offering a $100 reward to anyone with a picture of someone stealing a campaign sign. However, she did not specify whose signs.

In the spirit of having some good, clean campaign fun accompanied by a few laughs, it seems apparent that perhaps Rep. Lynn should get in on this deal, too. Maybe Lynn should even offer a higher reward since, according to the accompanying photo, there is the potential for more than just "sign stealing" to occur.

Just a thought.
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Friday, June 11, 2010

2010 U.S. Transplant Games - Update #3

This will be a short Games update. I have been under the weather the last few days so I did not bowl today. Jim and I practiced Tuesday and both of us had a bad day. Our individual scores were not good at all and our combined was only 825. That would have tied us with the silver medalist in 2008. The problem with that is, if I may quote Dale Earnhardt, "second place is the first loser." We're not making the trip to finish second.

I'm still working on fundraising. My total raised online has not changed since last Friday. My goal is $2000 and I'm only $500 away from reaching it. The deadline is 19 days away on June 30th. You can still help by clicking here.
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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tennessee Medication Therapy Monitoring and Management Act of 2010 is ..... D.O.A.

Today's post is one I had hoped I would not have to write, but unfortunately, I do.

Some of my regular readers may have been wondering about the status of The Tennessee Medication Therapy Monitoring and Management Act of 2010 (HB 2655 / SB 2639). It's a bill I've been involved with for the last two years and have been posting updates on. My last post related to it was on April 23rd. I've been hoping the bill would advance, but the simple answer to it's status is that it's dead.

After passing out of the TN House Health and Human Resources Committee, the bill died in both the House and Senate Finance Committees. I feel we were betrayed by some whom had promised to support the bill. The biggest issue was a fiscal note the State Board of TennCare attached to the bill saying that it's implementation would cost the state nearly $5 Million per year. Why ?? TennCare stated that the bill would prevent pharmacists from substituting generic medications for brand names and therefore drive-up costs. This is simply not true. They either did not read the bill or chose to ignore the truth. The bill did not say anything remotely close to prohibiting medication substitution. It ONLY provided for physician notification of a switch. Personally, I believe the pharmacy association "influenced " TennCare into tacking on this fiscal note telling them costs would increase if the bill passed. TennCare bought it hook, line, and sinker. In a year where the budget was tight, the fiscal note was a death sentence. This after the pharmacy association promised to support this year's version of the bill.

What's the future of the bill ?? I'm not sure. It is done for this year, and if it is reintroduced next year, it will have to start the entire process over. I am upset in many of our so-called "public servants" based upon what I have witnessed in the last 6 months. I knew politics was a dirty business, but I did not realize how dirty until this legislative session. I saw elected officials only concerned about two things - themselves and getting re-elected. Most of them do not care about doing the right things that would actually help Tennesseans and make our state a better place for everyone. Funny thing is, 6 months ago I was giving serious thought to running for elected office myself one day. Now, they ain't no way in "you know where" that I'll run for anything. It ain't worth the stress or the hassle. I've seen that 2 or 3 knuckleheads with their own agendas can totally screw up a good thing.

Lastly, I do want to say thank you to everyone who attended hearings and sent e-mails and made phone calls. Myself and thousands of other Tennesseans on prescription medications greatly appreciate your support in this matter. We would not have gotten this far without you. Now, we must get to the polls this fall. This debacle is more proof that we, the voters, need to make some major changes in whom our leaders are. We must not miss this opportunity to do so.
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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My #1 fan !!!

WOW !! I was so flattered to learn from a friend this morning that I've garnered a fan club of at least one person, screen name "Curious Journal," on's Post Politics blogjam. The weird thing is that this person felt so threatened by me last night that they felt it necessary to launch a personal attack simply because I am a transplant recipient. The only way anyone could feel threatened by me is if they had some self esteem issues of their own. How could a heart-transplant recipient be a threat to anyone ?? Weird, huh ??

Normally, people attack things they don't understand or have a personal bias towards. I wonder if "Curious Journal" also attacks people based upon their race, nationality, sex, disability, etc. ?? I'll bet he or she does. "Curious Journal" thinks they know me, but they don't. So, "Mr. or Mrs. Journal," if you're reading this, please allow me to tell you about the life of a transplant recipient. First, I fought my tail off just to survive an 11-year battle with heart disease that nearly took my life. It was through no fault of my own. However, heart failure does not discriminate against anyone. You could learn a lesson from it. During that time period, I looked death in the face a dozen times and only survived due to being defibrillated and having other medical procedures done multiple times. After transplant, the rehab and continuous testing can be brutal. You have to take over a dozen medications a day just to survive. Your way of life changes. You have to monitor your environment constantly and avoid enclosed crowded areas for fear of catching something because of a reduced immune system. It's not a glamorous life.

Now, before you say, "he's whining," let me assure you that I am not. I am grateful and very blessed to be alive. The physical struggle I've been through has grown me in strength and character. I would not change it for anything. I have probably lived more since my transplant than you have in your entire miserable life. Just so you "know everything," let me tell you that I do not mind being attacked for my conservative political views. I expect that from the Lefty Progressives such as yourself. That's the only ammo your type knows how to use. You can't intelligently discuss political differences so you have to resort to name-calling, personal attacks, and other ways of demeaning people. However, do not attack me for being a transplant recipient. When you do, you not only attack me but thousands of other Americans like me. You're also attacking the donor families who have given us a "second chance" and their heroic loved ones. That brings me to a question ?? "Curious Journal," what have you done lately to help save the lives of the 19 Americans that die each day because the life-saving organ they need doesn't come in time ?? Have you ever advocated for organ donation to give back to the community ?? Are you even registered as an organ donor ?? I would venture to guess that the answer to these questions is either "nothing" or "no." How about instead of attacking me, you work with me to save precious lives. Yeah, I know, hatemongers such as yourself don't do that sort of thing. You're truly pitiful.

Furthermore, you are correct that I am a Medicare enrollee. Private insurance companies will not cover transplant patients. They, like you, discriminate against people daily. I can also tell you that Medicare sucks. The benefits, red tape, and customer service are horrible, but it's my only option. Thanks to Mr. Obama and Congress, all Americans will get to enjoy it soon. You are gonna be sooo grateful when you get to experience it for yourself.
Lastly, since you, "Curious Journal," know so much about me but like to play the coward and hide behind your screen name, I am calling you out. Go to the "About Me" section on the left side of my blog  - oops, I forgot. You're gonna need help finding it. So, let me make it easy. It's right there where the picture of the dog is. Next, click on "View My Complete Profile" and then on "E-mail." Once again, it's below the picture of the dog. Now, send me an e-mail and furnish your real name and contact info so that we can discuss the issues you have with me like intelligent, reasonable adults. Personally, I'll be surprised if I hear from you because I don't think you've got the BALLS to come out from under your freakin' rock. But .... at least you'll stay cool under there on these hot summer days.

Oh yeah, one other thing. I've got an idea about who "Curious Journal" is. However, if any of my readers in Middle Tennessee have some additional "intel" I would be grateful if you would share. You will remain anonymous. You can either comment on this post or drop me an e-mail with the info.
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Monday, June 7, 2010

Thanks Tennessee General Assembly

On May 27th and June 4th respectively, the Tennessee Senate and House of Representatives voted to override  Gov. Phil "I like guns .... sometimes" Bredesen's veto of the Restaurant Carry Legislation. The bill becomes law July 1st and will allow Tennessee's 270,000+ concealed carry permit holders to lawfully carry their concealed handguns into establishments that sell alcohol. A similar bill was passed last year, vetoed by Bredesen, and then the veto overridden. Unfortunately, the bill was then declared unconstitutional by an activist, anti-gun judge.
If you are a Tennessean and would like to see the vote breakdown in the Senate you can do so here. The vote breakdown for the House of Representatives is available here. I would also like to take this opportunity to publicly thank my current representatives, State Representative Susan Lynn (pictured top right) and State Senator Mae Beavers (pictured lower right), for supporting the rights of gun owners on this issue.
However, I am puzzled that in Tennessee and many other states, a permit is required to exercise our God-given, natural right to defend ourselves. Are we at some point gonna need a license to exercise our right to free speech, assembly, and religion ?? I'm just asking. I think an American citizen with no criminal record who is mentally stable should be able to carry a firearm to defend themselves and their family at any time with NO special permit. I think the best response I have heard from any elected official or candidate regarding this issue came from current Tennessee Gubernatorial Candidate Joe Kirkpatrick when I heard him say, "The Second Amendment is your carry permit." He is absolutely right.
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Friday, June 4, 2010

2010 U.S. Transplant Games - Update #2

There's not a whole lot to report this week as far as an update on training / bowling practice. Jim and I bowled both Tuesday and Thursday. On Tuesday, we bowled a combined 961 which would have won gold in 2008 by 79 pins. Jim rolled a 569 which would have won him silver in '08. We won't talk about my day. Thursday, we bowled a combined 932 which would have once again been a gold medal winner in '08. Hopefully, we can keep that up. However, we actually would like to do better because the scores could be higher this time around. Jim's doing his part. It's time for me to get my act together. The doubles event is only 8 weeks from this coming Sunday.

As I reported last Friday, I have been fortunate and blessed to reach my original online fundraising goal of $1500. God has been faithful. However, I believe He will provide even more. I have set a second online fundraising goal of $2000. Basically, it amounts to $500 more. Why am I doing it ?? I believe that amount will not only cover my total Games expenses but also enable me to help some of my Team Tennessee teammates who have not been so fortunate with their fundraising. The deadline is June 30. If you would like to help out you can visit my online fundraising page by clicking here.
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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Study says people will donate kidneys for money

A story in USA Today, Study : People Would Donate Kidneys for Payment, says that paying people for being a living kidney donor would increase the number of kidneys available for transplant. In fact, the story says that when a person is offered payment to be a living donor, they are twice as likely to donate. It also says that a person's financial status does not influence whether or not they will donate for money.

I've got two problems with this whole idea. First, it mentions "a regulated payment system." Generally, when something is regulated, the regulation is done by a government entity and it's often on the Federal level. As a transplant recipient, I say "no, thank you Mr. Obama." You've already screwed up the economy beyond repair. Now, you say you're in charge of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that you've been playing in for two weeks, and it still ain't fixed. So, how 'bout keeping your paws off organ donation. Secondly, I believe, even though the study says it ain't so, that payments for living organ donation will exploit the poor. Folks who are in financial stress would be more likely to donate than someone who's not. Oftentimes, the poor are in poor physical health. Even though living donation is relatively safe compared to what it was years ago, the risks are not zero. Someone who is not in perfect health would be at a higher risk of complications.

As an organ donation advocate and transplant recipient, I know there is a need to increase donation. However, payments for living donation is not the way to do it.
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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It could be worse

I went and practiced my bowling again this morning in preparation for the Transplant Games and did horribly. After the high of last Thursday and Friday, it was a little frustrating. However, when I got in my truck and fired it up to come home, I realized very quickly that my day could be worse. The radio DJ was talking about the fact that Chelsea Clinton was engaged to be married and had asked her father, "Slick Wilie" Clinton to lose a bunch of weight before the wedding. Then it hit me - I could have the misfortune of being Chelsea's fiancee and be looking at a future that included having Hillary Clinton as my mother-in-law.

Man ...... that would REAALLLY SUCK !!!!
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