Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It could be worse

I went and practiced my bowling again this morning in preparation for the Transplant Games and did horribly. After the high of last Thursday and Friday, it was a little frustrating. However, when I got in my truck and fired it up to come home, I realized very quickly that my day could be worse. The radio DJ was talking about the fact that Chelsea Clinton was engaged to be married and had asked her father, "Slick Wilie" Clinton to lose a bunch of weight before the wedding. Then it hit me - I could have the misfortune of being Chelsea's fiancee and be looking at a future that included having Hillary Clinton as my mother-in-law.

Man ...... that would REAALLLY SUCK !!!!
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The Bedrock Bullet Company said...

Oh MAN! I would have to start trying to convince my son to seek the Priesthood and ask forgiveness for even considering a deal with the Devil. I bet it would take him longer to read the Pre-nupt than it took Hillary to find the Rose Law Firm Papers!
Speaking of the Devil... I hear Algore and Tipper and calling it splits. Not surprising to me, since he just bought the big Ocean-cliffs Mansion in Cali, overlooking the Pacific(forgive me for what i thought when i typed "Cliff").Guess Belle Meade was just too beneath the Green Giant now, but I suspect he got a better offer in Copenhagen myself. Time will tell, huh.
By the way, better luck on your next bowling practice.