Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My #1 fan !!!

WOW !! I was so flattered to learn from a friend this morning that I've garnered a fan club of at least one person, screen name "Curious Journal," on's Post Politics blogjam. The weird thing is that this person felt so threatened by me last night that they felt it necessary to launch a personal attack simply because I am a transplant recipient. The only way anyone could feel threatened by me is if they had some self esteem issues of their own. How could a heart-transplant recipient be a threat to anyone ?? Weird, huh ??

Normally, people attack things they don't understand or have a personal bias towards. I wonder if "Curious Journal" also attacks people based upon their race, nationality, sex, disability, etc. ?? I'll bet he or she does. "Curious Journal" thinks they know me, but they don't. So, "Mr. or Mrs. Journal," if you're reading this, please allow me to tell you about the life of a transplant recipient. First, I fought my tail off just to survive an 11-year battle with heart disease that nearly took my life. It was through no fault of my own. However, heart failure does not discriminate against anyone. You could learn a lesson from it. During that time period, I looked death in the face a dozen times and only survived due to being defibrillated and having other medical procedures done multiple times. After transplant, the rehab and continuous testing can be brutal. You have to take over a dozen medications a day just to survive. Your way of life changes. You have to monitor your environment constantly and avoid enclosed crowded areas for fear of catching something because of a reduced immune system. It's not a glamorous life.

Now, before you say, "he's whining," let me assure you that I am not. I am grateful and very blessed to be alive. The physical struggle I've been through has grown me in strength and character. I would not change it for anything. I have probably lived more since my transplant than you have in your entire miserable life. Just so you "know everything," let me tell you that I do not mind being attacked for my conservative political views. I expect that from the Lefty Progressives such as yourself. That's the only ammo your type knows how to use. You can't intelligently discuss political differences so you have to resort to name-calling, personal attacks, and other ways of demeaning people. However, do not attack me for being a transplant recipient. When you do, you not only attack me but thousands of other Americans like me. You're also attacking the donor families who have given us a "second chance" and their heroic loved ones. That brings me to a question ?? "Curious Journal," what have you done lately to help save the lives of the 19 Americans that die each day because the life-saving organ they need doesn't come in time ?? Have you ever advocated for organ donation to give back to the community ?? Are you even registered as an organ donor ?? I would venture to guess that the answer to these questions is either "nothing" or "no." How about instead of attacking me, you work with me to save precious lives. Yeah, I know, hatemongers such as yourself don't do that sort of thing. You're truly pitiful.

Furthermore, you are correct that I am a Medicare enrollee. Private insurance companies will not cover transplant patients. They, like you, discriminate against people daily. I can also tell you that Medicare sucks. The benefits, red tape, and customer service are horrible, but it's my only option. Thanks to Mr. Obama and Congress, all Americans will get to enjoy it soon. You are gonna be sooo grateful when you get to experience it for yourself.
Lastly, since you, "Curious Journal," know so much about me but like to play the coward and hide behind your screen name, I am calling you out. Go to the "About Me" section on the left side of my blog  - oops, I forgot. You're gonna need help finding it. So, let me make it easy. It's right there where the picture of the dog is. Next, click on "View My Complete Profile" and then on "E-mail." Once again, it's below the picture of the dog. Now, send me an e-mail and furnish your real name and contact info so that we can discuss the issues you have with me like intelligent, reasonable adults. Personally, I'll be surprised if I hear from you because I don't think you've got the BALLS to come out from under your freakin' rock. But .... at least you'll stay cool under there on these hot summer days.

Oh yeah, one other thing. I've got an idea about who "Curious Journal" is. However, if any of my readers in Middle Tennessee have some additional "intel" I would be grateful if you would share. You will remain anonymous. You can either comment on this post or drop me an e-mail with the info.
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