Thursday, June 17, 2010

Statement from Rep. Susan Lynn

On May 26, the Tennessee 9.12 Project requested to hold a debate for Senator Beavers and me at the Ward Agricultural Center on June 29th. I immediately accepted. Senator Beavers accepted but stated that the date was not good for her and that she would reply with another date. The leader of the group, Mr. Lee Douglas, now informs that Senator Beavers has since declined.

On June 5, the Wilson County Tea Party, led by Mrs. Sherrie Orange*, requested to hold a debate for the State Senate district candidates. I immediately accepted. At issue now is the choice of moderator for the event.

Undoubtedly, the moderator should be someone neutral to all parties and that conducts him or herself with maternity and professionalism.

The Lebanon Democrat wrote a story about Mrs. Orange's debate and her chosen moderator had a lot to say about my comments that he is not a neutral choice and my request that another moderator be selected.

Mrs. Orange chose radio talk show host Steve Gill; commonly known as a great cheerleader for my opponent - which is okay.

But he is obviously not a neutral choice to moderate this debate; it is embarrassing for me to even repeat his rhetoric but here is a small sample. You may hear talk about “hot women of the GOP.” Just today his conservative audience heard him refer to Speaker Kent Williams, an unpopular figure with conservatives, as “Susan’s buddy” and that “he was the guy that wanted to see Susan naked;” further, that the Speaker and I had “kissed and made up,” thus the reason I was made a committee chair; he claimed I “hang a lot” with another villain for conservatives, “Jimmy Naifeh.” He next misinformed his audience about one of my votes. However, his conclusion was probably the most visually striking because he suggested that Mrs. Orange should hold the debate anyway and “get a blow up picture of Marylyn Monroe with her skirt flinging up in the air” and put my face on it to place over a vacant seat to depict me at the debate.

There is a great deal more of similar rhetoric on his web site - I've been asked if I think this, and many of his other comments over these several months are an attempt to influence an election with conservatives voters? I don't know but I do know that I will not be bullied.

Mr. Gill’s daily spit ball style attacks display a lack of credibility on his part; his comments are often sexist; not only derogatory towards me but to all women. They display a lack of maturity and, at the very least, careless fact checking.

Mr. Gill should graciously accept that his services are unacceptable to one of the debaters and move on.

I do not go on Mr. Gill’s show to respond to his comments as other’s do. Nor do I attempt to appease him by buying advertising. And I will not further promote his career with billing as the moderator for what is arguably the most watched state senate Primary in the state.

The People of the 17th district deserve and could benefit from a legitimate and fairly moderated debate between the candidates.

Republican voters want candidates that display family values. Mr. Gill’s comments are embarrassing; not fit for family entertainment.

There are many fine neutral and dignified choices to moderate a debate; anchor Scott Arnold, or the local chamber president, or our own Coleman Walker easily come to mind.

I call on Senator Beavers to also reject Mr. Gill as a fair and neutral party to moderate this debate. It has been suggested to me that maybe she feels she needs Gill present acting as her club.

At this point, Senator Beavers has declined what would have been a fair debate with the 9.12 Project. I will debate anyone at anytime but both sides should be satified with the terms, and Mrs. Orange refuses to make a concession - So both debates should be shelved.

We are vying for the Republican nomination, and it is the Republican Party of Wilson County in conjunction with the Republican Women and the Young Republicans that should hold a debate; a proper venue for all Republican’s. Let's hope the party steps up to the plate for Republican voters.

Rep. Susan Lynn 

*Mrs. Orange is a campaign contributor to Senator Beavers’ campaigns.
(The Sheepdog has provided the applicable campaign contribution report links here and here for informational purposes.)
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Sherrie Orange said...

May I get this business of contributing to Mae's campaign straightened out? When the reporter asked the question, the way he asked it, I took it to mean: The current campaigns.

Now, when I was vice chairman of the Republican party, I do believe I did give some money to Mae's campaign. I believe that would be the thing to do as vice chairman, don't you? I don't remember if I have given money any other time.... I may have. Too many elections ...too many campaigns...