Thursday, June 3, 2010

Study says people will donate kidneys for money

A story in USA Today, Study : People Would Donate Kidneys for Payment, says that paying people for being a living kidney donor would increase the number of kidneys available for transplant. In fact, the story says that when a person is offered payment to be a living donor, they are twice as likely to donate. It also says that a person's financial status does not influence whether or not they will donate for money.

I've got two problems with this whole idea. First, it mentions "a regulated payment system." Generally, when something is regulated, the regulation is done by a government entity and it's often on the Federal level. As a transplant recipient, I say "no, thank you Mr. Obama." You've already screwed up the economy beyond repair. Now, you say you're in charge of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that you've been playing in for two weeks, and it still ain't fixed. So, how 'bout keeping your paws off organ donation. Secondly, I believe, even though the study says it ain't so, that payments for living organ donation will exploit the poor. Folks who are in financial stress would be more likely to donate than someone who's not. Oftentimes, the poor are in poor physical health. Even though living donation is relatively safe compared to what it was years ago, the risks are not zero. Someone who is not in perfect health would be at a higher risk of complications.

As an organ donation advocate and transplant recipient, I know there is a need to increase donation. However, payments for living donation is not the way to do it.
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Again, you are so correct