Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Susan Lynn - The Gun Owner's Friend

For the last month, The Sheepdog has spent a lot of time sharing the truth about Susan Lynn's record in response to her opponent's vicious, untrue attacks. Today, I will do the same, but I will do it differently. I will simply share and promote Susan's record on an issue of utmost importance to me - guns and The Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

I've often said that I can tell everything I need to know about a candidate based upon their stance on two issues - life and guns. If a candidate is pro-life, it tells me that they care about people. If a candidate is pro-gun, it tells me that they think that we as individuals have a right to be left alone to take care of ourselves and determine our own destiny. If you are on the opposite side from me on one or both of those issues, then guess what - you ain't getting my vote. I am happy to say that Susan Lynn has always been on the pro- side, and my side, of both of those issues.

Susan Lynn - the gun owners friend
I first met Susan in early 2008, when I was still a member of the NRA. I got an e-mail from the NRA stating that a bill known as the "Ammunition Accountability Act" was being considered by the Tennessee Legislature. The bill would have required ALL ammunition to be coded, so it could be identified, a process commonly known as ammo serialization. Each box of ammunition purchased would then be "registered" to the purchaser and recorded in a database. So, I called up my elected representatives, including Susan, and asked them to vote "NO" on the bill. I spoke with Susan about 30 minutes that day, and she agreed with me that it was a bad bill that needed to be voted down. Fortunately, the bill never made it out of committee. I knew she was a pro-gunner then.

Susan's pro-gun voting record is second to none. Below I have listed some of the highlights. For instance, she voted in favor of :
  • protecting old gun ranges (HB 1736)
  • allowing permit holders to carry their handgun year-round in WMAs, public hunting areas, etc. (HB 961),
  • allowing permit holders to carry firearms in restaurants that serve alcohol as long as they are not drinking. She co-sponsored this bill and voted to override Governor Bredesen's veto of it (HB 962)
  • prohibiting authorities from confiscating firearms during "emergencies" (i.e. - like what happened in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina)(HB 1778)
  • The Tennessee Firearms Freedom Act (HB 1796)
  • removing the governor's authority to limit the sale or transportation of guns during an emergency. She also a co-sponsored this bill (HB 3240).
  • prohibiting the state from requiring a carry permit holder to provide identifying information about their firearm. She also co-sponsored this bill (HB 46).
  • park carry (HB 716)
  • restaurant carry a 2nd time, and to override Governor Bredesen's veto a 2nd time, after a liberal, activist judge ruled the original law "too vague" (HB 3125)
The above votes of Susan are just the highlights from the last two legislative sessions she served in. I could go on, but the list of her pro-gun votes would be very long. Susan's support of gun owners and the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is second to none in this state. She has NEVER cast an anti-gun vote. NEVER. In fact, the NRA gave her an "A" rating when they graded candidates for this election cycle (see below).

People who have been reading The Sheepdog's blog since it went online in July 2009 know I love guns. They are not just a hobby for me. They are a way of life. Susan Lynn supports that way of life. Always has. Always will. If she didn't, I would have been the first to call her on it.

If you are a gun owner and live in Tennessee's 57th House District, but are still trying to decide who to vote for in the Republican Primary this Thursday, August 2nd, Susan Lynn is YOUR candidate. However, be sure to vote Thursday, because it is basically the General Election in this contest as there is no Democrat or Independent on the ballot in November. The winner, preferably Susan, on Thursday wins the seat.

If you are a gun owner, Susan Lynn is your friend. Trust me ... I'm a Sheepdog, and Sheepdogs love guns and pro-gun candidates.

And with all that being said, The Sheepdog extends his official endorsement to Susan Lynn for Tennessee House District 57. It is the first endorsement he ever has bestowed on any candidate for any office.

May Lynn Win on Thursday.
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Monday, July 30, 2012

A "Bad" Music Monday

Today, I'm wrapping up this month's "Jammin' July" Music Monday series which has featured some of my favorite and some of the best known Southern Rock bands. I will do so with a song that I think nearly everyone has heard of, even if they do not listen to rock music. The song is George Thorogood's "Bad to the Bone" from his 1982 album of the same name. It is embedded below or can be watched by clicking here.

I hope everyone has enjoyed "Jammin' July." I know I have enjoyed putting it together. As you watch today's video, pay attention to the guy Thorogood is playing in pool. See if you recognize him. He is also a music legend. I'll give you a hint - if you don't know who he is, then you don't know Diddley.

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Susan Lynn: Number 5 - Hits Homes

** Re-printed via permission of Susan Lynn. For more information, please visit Susan's blog at or by clicking here.

I was very careful never to vote for tax increases - I must be pretty squeaky clean if she has to dredge up Private Acts in order to convince you that I voted for taxes.

Today Linda Elam sent out a mailer accusing me of “Allowing” tax increases.  Again – she severely misleads and again this is extremely disingenuous. The items were not bills for statutes but they were Private Acts for local governments - each one starts with “subject to local approval” and enacted only if approved by the local government, or the people at the ballot box. 

Susan Lynn
Private Acts are not passed by the General Assembly, but adopted.  The adoption simply records with the Secretary of State’s office that a local government or the people who live there are going to vote on the subject of the Act.

I hate to sound like I am schooling Ms. Elam, but the General Assembly can only pass bills or statutes that apply statewide.
Only a local government or the people of the government can vote to impose a local law on themselves. Adopting a Private Act is not a political endorsement of the Act – most Acts are adopted unanimously. 

In the last General Assembly, 80 requests for Private Acts were adopted for many different things, such as changing a local government’s charter, to repeal something previously passed, or to consider a local tax.

It is the local government or the local people that get to decide on the issue; not the General Assembly and in truth, the General Assembly should not micro manage local governments.

No state legislator should be blamed for imposing a local tax because he or she voted to adopt a Private Act. If the General Assembly routinely blocked Private Acts by rejecting adoption, the General Assembly would have a highly charged and very political atmosphere. I guess sort of like the Mt. Juliet city commission under Ms. Elam's tenure.

The Acts are a formal process that a local government must go through.  Private Acts are not state statutes and are not enacted unless the local government votes for it by a super majority or the local people vote for it.  After the Private Act is voted upon by the local governmen,t or the people, proof of the vote is sent to the Secretary of State who either amends the local government’s charter with the change imposed by the Act or if rejected locally or never voted upon the Private Act expires.

The Wilson County $17.7 million dollars in taxes in the mailer refers to a Private Act proposed by the Wilson County Commission to defray the cost of growth in Wilson County by use of an adequate facilities tax; a tax on each new dwelling or commercial property built in the county.  

I remember the issue fairly well – while most people are generally opposed to new taxes many long time residents were for the proposal because they didn’t want to see their property taxes go up to pay for the rapid new growth in the county for the new roads, schools and law enforcement needs. 

The Act was carried by Senator Beavers and Rep Bone in the General Assembly and adopted unanimously by the House and Senate - the adoption was not a political endorsement of the proposal but the General Assembly was simply allowing the local government to decide its own affairs.  After a super majority vote by the Wilson County Commission passed the Act the vote was registered with the secretary of state and recorded.

Susan Lynn

Learn more:

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Susan Lynn: Candid Truth on Traffic Cameras

** Article was re-published via permission of Susan Lynn. Please visit her blog at by clicking here.

I can't say I've never seen anything like this race, because the state Senate race in 2010 rose to a whole new level. It is just so easy to disprove what she (my opponent) is saying that it is amazing that she'd even make the attempt.

Ladies and Gentlemen, my opponent and her friends are now saying that I voted for traffic cameras. You know that I would not do that to you EVER.

Susan Lynn
In fact, I voted against them several times through amendments to other bills because the House Transportation Committee bottled up the bill to ban them. If this race was not so important their attacks could almost be funny – they are so terribly desperate.

Please do not forget that it was Linda Elam who voted for the traffic cameras as Mayor of Mt. Juliet and she's the reason why we have them today. Then, in what many believe was a strictly politically expedient move to get rid of them, it was learned she hadn’t read the contract; revealing that either the city is tied to the cameras long term or the citizens would suffer a loss of $700,000.

They are citing two bills. So, I have posted them for you here:
  • HB0698/SB0666 is a bill to make it a non-moving violation if you get a ticket with a traffic camera - thus you won’t get points on your license, and your insurance shouldn’t go up. Prior to this bill passing, it was a moving violation to get a ticket from a traffic camera – truly, most people appreciated the General Assembly passing this bill. 
  • HB1202/SB1502 (the amendments rewrite the bill) bans surveillance cameras on interstate highways. The bill excludes SmartWays and work zones – cameras were already allowed in these areas for safety reasons – and they do not issue tickets.  SmartWays provide information to travelers about traffic congestion – You are probably familiar with them, because the local news broadcasts the SmartWay cameras’ footage on the morning news so you can see the commute into the city.  Work Zone cameras are used by TDOT (not the department of safety) in a number of ways, but mainly for two reasons - safety and to alleviate congestion. These cameras ARE NOT used to issue tickets, nor do they monitor a red light (the link for work zones actually covers their use on SmartWays as well).
Just because these bills mention the word camera it doesn’t mean that they are FOR traffic cameras.  I have never voted for traffic cameras and I have voted against them through amendments a number of times.

There is a quote that says it all about this race, "the worst thing about being lied to is knowing you're not worth the truth to someone." unknown 

Susan Lynn
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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Sheepdog's new blog policy - "NO COWARDS ALLOWED"

On Monday, I briefly mentioned receiving a blog comment last week from someone calling themselves "Anonymous." "Anonymous" has inspired me to implement a brand new blog policy. I call it, "No Cowards Allowed." Below, I explain the new policy.

There are 2 types of people I can’t stand – liars and cowards. Liars and cowards are getting to be a dime a dozen. Cowards come in many forms, but the ones I'm concerned with in regards to my new blog policy are the ones who leave "Anonymous” comments on blogs and websites. They are people who don’t want anyone to know who they are, because they don’t have the "cojones" to say what they have to say in person, or in a way where they can be identified.

The "Anonymous" commenter from last week is one such coward. Effective immediately, The Sheepdog will NO longer allow "Anonymous" comments to post to this blog which are critical or trash someone, some company, some group, some organization, etc. You can type them in, but you will be wasting your time as I will automatically delete them before they post. Basically, if a commenter doesn’t have the "cojones" to tell who they are, and their comment is negative in nature (positive or neutral anonymous comments are o.k.), then I will not give them any credibility or publicity by posting their cowardly comment. It's time for commenters to “man up” or shut up - their choice.

Before anyone says, "But Sheepdog, that's censorship. That's a violation of the 1st Amendment. I thought you were a 'Constitutional Conservative' ?" I am a Conservative who very much supports the 1st Amendment. However, it's my blog. Therefore, my rules. You don't like it ? Then, sue "Anonymous." 

Now in regards to "Anonymous" from the other day, if you want to re-submit your comment with a valid ID associated with it, I will be happy to post it. Until then, crawl back under your rock and go away, but know this - I already know who you are.
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Monday, July 23, 2012

The Charlie Daniels Band .... LIVE !!

Last Monday, I showed a live video of Lynyrd Skynyrd playing "Simple Man." As I thought about today's Music Monday, I decided to show another "Simple Man" video. However, this one is of Mt. Juliet, TN's best known resident - Charlie Daniels. It shows him playing his straight forward 1989 single of the same name live at The Grand Ole Opry. The video is embedded below or can be watched by clicking here. Enjoy.

P.S. SHEEPDOG'S NOTE - I'm dedicating today's Music Monday to the "Anonymous" commenter from Wednesday. He'll understand why. Enjoy it, pal. I know you're watching.
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Friday, July 20, 2012

Susan Lynn: State Budget | Elam Mailer | Bustin' the Cap !

** Republished via permission of Susan Lynn. Please also visit Susan's blog and website by clicking here and here.

Susan Lynn
I would like to thank Ms. Elam – because while trying to make a point in her mailer about the growth of the state budget while I was in office (her statement is that the state budget grew by $10 billion dollars) I can once again show that her statement is not only false but that she voted to break a very important constitutional provision which restricts the growth of the state budget.
When I came into office the state budget was $9.8 billion– when I left eight years later it was $12.1 billion – hardly $10 billion. The amount of federal pass through dollars that Tennessee received did grow considerably – they went from $7.4 billion to $12.9 billion – but these are mandated federal programs over which a state legislator has little to no control.
Now, please keep reading as I detail for you Ms. Elam's vote to overspend our state budget by $250,000,000 in just her first year in office. States have a Constitutional mandate to balance their budgets including Tennessee – states cannot deficit spend.

An additional protection in Tennessee is a Constitutional provision called the Copeland Cap – named for Representative David Copeland who proposed it. The Cap restricts the rate of growth of the state budget to the rate of the state’s economic growth – also known as the rate of personal income growth. Therefore, constitutionally, the budget cannot grow faster than our collective household income or budget.

Tennessee Constitution, Article 2, Section 24:
No public money shall be expended except pursuant to appropriations made by law. Expenditures for any fiscal year shall not exceed the state’s revenues and reserves, including the proceeds of any debt obligation, for that year. No debt obligation, except as shall be repaid within the fiscal year of issuance, shall be authorized for the current operation of any state service or program, nor shall the proceeds of any debt obligation be expended for a purpose other than that for which it was authorized. 

In no year shall the rate of growth of appropriations from state tax revenues exceed the estimated rate of growth of the state’s economy as determined by law.
No appropriation in excess of this limitation shall be made unless the General Assembly shall, by law containing no other subject matter, set forth the dollar amount and the rate by which the limit will be exceeded.
Any law requiring the expenditure of state funds shall be null and void unless, during the session in which the act receives final passage, an appropriation is made for the estimated first year’s funding. No law of general application shall impose increased expenditure requirements on cities or counties unless the General Assembly shall provide that the state share in the cost. An accurate financial statement of the state’s fiscal condition shall be published annually.

I was in the General Assembly during years of firm Democrat Control (2002-2010).  I voted for four out of eight budgets. The truth is the state budget largely grew so much due to federal funds and mandates – not because of anything I did. That is why Ms. Elam doesn’t name one bill that I may have sponsored that could have produced $10 billion dollars of growth in the state budget.

I voted for four out of eight budgets - they were were balanced, responsible budgets that helped our district and sent your tax dollars back to us for things like the construction of Mount Juliet Road, the SR 109 widening, the road construction in the Providence area, building a new SR 109 bridge and the money to design and acquire the right of way for SR 109 N. Those budgets also funded our local schools and state colleges, gave grants to police and fire for emergency equipment.

The Copeland Cap that I told you about – unfortunately it can be broken – we called it “Busting the Cap”. The state budget is prepared on estimates of tax revenues. If at the end of the year, the revenue exceeds the estimates on which the budget was prepared the General Assembly can vote to spend that money anyway – exceeding the rate of growth of your income.  This happens routinely in the Legislature.  However, I always voted NO – not to bust the Copeland Cap; such unbalanced growth cannot be supported by the incomes of Tennesseans.

However, my opponent, Ms. Elam in only her first year in the General Assembly voted Aye to “Bust the Cap” further burdening you.  The raid allowed excess spending of up to $250,000,000.

HB2136 - Authorizes the index of appropriations from state tax revenues for 2010-2011 fiscal year to exceed the index of estimated growth in the state's economy by $250 million or 2.15 percent.

Ladies and gentlemen – Ms. Elam is simply intellectually dishonest - she voted to break a constitutional provision and exceed spending by $250 million.  Her dismal record on ethics, her lack of responsiveness to you the voter and horrendous political antics should be enough - not just including what she is saying about me but what she did to you by her arrogant refusal to resign one of her offices when 87% of Mount Juliet voters decided that they did not want their elected officials to hold duel offices - and then using city funds to sue you the voters to stay in office is unjustifiable.

Please watch a video (can also watch by clicking here) of me and the State Treasurer - we were under Democrat control at this time and the Democrats typically tore us up for asking such questions.  I tried to prevent that attack by being reserved and professional - they let me fully ask my questions:

I refused to break the Copeland Cap each and each and every year I was in office.  Ms. Elam broke this cap in her very first year in office.

We need mature and professional people to serve in office - not politicians who try to deceive you to get your vote - isn't that the problem we have in Washington?
Please recall that I served you ethically and honorably for eight years and again, I humbly ask for the honor of your vote in the Republican Primary on August 2.
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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Does Susan Lynn Live in the 57h District ? Yes !

Before I get into today's blog post, I want to speak briefly to my loyal blog readers. When I started this blog three years ago, my purpose was to advocate for organ and tissue donation and freedom. In my last blog post of 2010, I stated the blog would be different from 2011 forward by getting my focus away from politics and back to my original intent. Up until the last few weeks, I have stuck to that. Now, I realize I have reneged on that lately, but I have a good reason. Please allow me to explain.

Five years ago, I met Susan Lynn for the first time. Our first contact was due to similar political views. Since that time, I've become friends with her and her husband. They are good people. Susan is currently campaigning to return to the Tennessee Legislature. Over the last several weeks, she has been bombarded by one vicious, truth-distorting, dirty political attack after another. First by her opponent, then by a PAC with connections to her opponent through her opponent's allies. The re-prints of Susan's blog posts which have appeared here on The Sheepdog have been for one purpose - to share the truth. The truth is the only way to combat lies and distortions. If Susan's opponent would cease and desist with the vicious, distorted attacks, I'd stop running these posts. Trust me, I'd much rather be blogging about something else. However, if the attacks from the "wolves" continue, I will continue helping and backing up my friend between now and the August 2nd Republican Primary. It's what friends, and Sheepdogs, do.

For me, Susan's campaign is no longer about politics. It is about right vs. wrong and good vs. evil. It is more importantly about helping a friend. I think that is a concept we can all agree on whether we are Republican, Democrat, Independent, or politically indifferent. Friends help friends no matter what. So, I ask my readers to indulge me as I help Susan dispel another tacky, petty distortion.

** Below article re-printed via permission of Susan Lynn (click here for original post).

I live in the 57th House District and I will live in the 57th House District when the new district boundaries take effect on the night of the General Election, November 2, 2012.


Every ten years the US Congressional, State Senate, State House, County Commission, City Commission and School District boundaries are redrawn.
It's constitutional - the premises is, one man one vote - each district is to contain the same number of residents so that representation is proportional. Therefore, every ten years, after the results of the US census are finalized, all of the above districts are redistributed according to population.  
The 2010 census results were finalized in 2011, and the elected officials from each of the above offices got to re-draw their district lines according to population and perhaps other considerations as well. So this past Session the Tennessee General Assembly, House and Senate, voted on their newly conceived district boundaries which will take effect with the General Election in November at midnight.

I live in the 57th district - I've lived here since moving to south Mount Juliet in 1997, and I lived there the entire time I served in the House from 2002-2010.  
The 57th District map:

However, while my residence hasn’t recently changed, the new 57th District that will take effect in November will run behind my property leaving my home on the other side in the 46th district. Therefore, upon winning the Primary Election, my husband and I will establish residence within the upcoming legal boundaries before the General Election.

The House members in the State Legislature were allowed to draw their own district boundaries.  According to Speaker Harwell's Chief of Staff and the former Republican Caucus Chairman it was Linda Elam that chose to draw me out of the upcoming new district boundaries.
I have to admit, I've been pretty amazed by accusations that I do not live in the district.  
For one, I do currently live in the 57th District.The new district boundaries do not take effect until midnight on General Election night, November 2, 2012. No one can speak to my family's plans. Secondly, I have always trusted the voters; I believe they can sense when someone is being disingenuous.
The next district boundaries are as follows: 

Side by side it is easier to see the difference.
 The map below depicts my house in relation to the new district. 

This northern part of the county is still fairly rural.  Taking a closer look, you can see that the line jumps up from Coles Ferry Pike, a logical and natural boundary, and captures our neighborhood and then heads back down to and along Coles Ferry before heading north again and encapsulating the next subdivision before returning to Coles Ferry Pike and continuing. 

It isn’t difficult to see that my home was placed just outside of the next 57th District by encircling our neighborhood with the vacant subdivision land by departing from Coles Ferry Pike.

Again, the boundary zig zags from S. Cairo Bend, along Coles Ferry, then turns left on N Cairo Bend and then heads right onto Rural road.  It follows the creek right behind my property back to Coles Ferry before continuing on Coles Ferry.
Someone asked if this wasn't just following a natural boundary - I suppose he meant the water - no, it is not. I live on Barton's Creek which is a tributary off of Old Hickory Lake.  The entire span of Old Hickory Lake and Barton's creek is in the 57th District - in fact, if I could afford to do so, I could live anywhere on the lake or creek in the entire county because all of the waterway is in the district - except for exactly where I live - it is the only part of the waterway not within the new district boundaries.
Susan Lynn


In late 2005, my family and I moved from the Gladeville area (Poplar Ridge subdivision) to just east of SR 109 in order that I could better serve the district.  As you can see by the first map above, part of the district is in Sumner County and Lebanon - there is just no easy way to get from where we lived in Gladeville (by the purple dot) to Sumner County. Our new proximity to SR 109 and I-40 made travel between Hendersonville, Gallatin, Lebanon and Mount Juliet much easier.
Since I was first elected ten years ago our family has grown-up, our children are married and having children of their own.  My husband and I were thinking of moving to a smaller home anyway. 
We both look forward to the future and to me serving the people of the 57th District once more.
And with all of that said, I humbly ask for your vote in the Primary Election on August 2nd and let me add that if anyone would like to buy a lovely family home on Barton’s Creek…just give me a call.
Most sincerely,
Susan Lynn

To learn more about my conservative record while in the legislature go to
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Monday, July 16, 2012

Skynyrd ..... LIVE !!

It's always good to start the week out on a good note. So, what could be better than a video of Lynyrd Skynyrd playing live on a Monday morning ? As promised last Monday, today is Lynyrd Skynyrd day on The Sheepdog. The featured song is "Simple Man," one of the band's most popular songs since they released it in 1973.

The thing I like about "Simple Man" is that not only is it a ballad with a great, catchy melody and some great guitar solos, but the lyrics offer some pretty good advice on life and the things that are important. How often do you get that from a rock band ? The video is embedded below or can also be watched by clicking here.

I always try to keep this blog family friendly, so I beg your forgiveness if you are offended by the slang / mildly un-family friendly language at the very end of the video (think biblical term for donkey). Don't let it take away from your enjoyment of the music and video. I started to show some other Skynyrd video because of it but decided to stick with this one for two reasons - 1) the message and advice in the song is so, so good. We would be wise to live by it today, and 2) you'll hear much worse watching most dramas on network TV.

So, last Monday it was a double-shot of .38 Special. This week, it's Lynyrd Skynyrd. How in the world am I gonna top that to wrap up Jammin' July ? It's gonna be tough. Any suggestions Southern Rock fans ?
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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Susan Lynn: The Fight to Abolish Illegal Alien Driver's Licenses

I have posted the following article in an effort to get all the facts out. Hopefully, it will encourage people to NOT believe everything printed on political attack mailers or heard on so-called "conservative" radio talk shows before learning the entire story.
Susan Lynn fought the hard fight for us in a Democrat controlled legislature and she was able to accomplish a great deal for us.

Like reversing the law to allow illegal aliens to obtain a Tennessee driver's license - this law is a tragic part of Tennessee's history. 
What follows is the legislative history of this long and difficult fight.   
In 2001, a year before Susan Lynn ran for the State House, the General Assembly passed HB983 - the Illegal alien driver’s license bill and it become law. The bill allowed someone without a social security number, namely an illegal alien, to get a Tennessee driver's license.

102nd General Assembly - 2001 – 2002
  • Susan Lynn runs for office.  Elimination of the illegal alien driver's license bill is part of her platform as well as her vow to fight a state income tax.
103rd General AssembLy - 2003 – 2004
Susan Lynn
  • Rep. Lynn is sworn into office in January 2003.
  • Rep. Lynn co-sponsors HB1790, a bill to require a SSN to get a drivers license - this would ban illegal aliens from obtaining driver's licenses (be sure to click on Show Prime Co-Sponsor link to see co-sponsors). 
  • The Democrats, the majority party, will not allow the bill to move. 
  • Lynn again co-sponsors HB1790, it requires SSN to get a driver's license - this would ban illegals from obtaining licenses.
  • The majority party does not allow the bill to move.
  • HB3486 is drawn up by Governor Phil Bredesen under pressure from Republicans and the public but he waffles and creates the certificate of driving bill.  A bill to abolish the driver's license for illegal aliens but institute a certificate of driving.  The bill advances to the floor of the House.  Rep. Lynn and others engage the Democrats in a bitter, drawn-out floor fight in an attempt to pass eight (8) amendments to amend the bill to kill the driving certificate provision.  Three of the amendments are withdrawn by their Democrat sponsors.  Only Rep. Rowland's (R) amendments actually receive a floor vote but each is tabled by the majority party.  After more than two hours the final vote is at hand and only two choices remain; a no vote will allow illegal aliens to keep their driver's licenses.  An aye vote will take driver's licenses away from the illegals but unfortunately also issue them a certificate to drive.  Left with an imperfect choice the Republicans must vote aye in order to ensure that driver's licenses are finally taken away but vow to continue the fight in the next General Assembly.  The bill passes 96 to 3. - page 4055 - 4061 of the Journal.
  • The Senate passes HB3486 by a vote of 32-0.
  • Public chapter 158 becomes law - it takes driver’s licenses away from illegals but creates the certificate of driving. 
  • Rep. Lynn speaks in the press about the vow to continue the fight to ensure that no illegal aliens are sanctioned by the state identification to drive.
104th General Assembly - 2005-2006
  • Lynn co-sponsors HB2903, a bill to abolish the certificate of driving.  The majority party will not allow the bill to move.
  • Lynn co-sponsors HB2903, a bill to abolish the certificate of driving.  The majority party will not allow the bill to move.
  • A Mount Juliet couple is killed in Lakewood, TN by a drunk driving illegal alien.  Rep. Lynn attempts to reason with the administration about the need to pass HB2903 and completely eliminate the ability of illegal aliens to drive in Tennessee. 
105th General Assembly - 2007 – 2008
  • Lynn co-sponsors HB366, a bill to abolish the certificate of driving.  The majority party will not allow the bill to move.
  • Public pressure mounts to abolish the certificate of driving.  Democrats decide it will be their party that will finally pass this measure.  Rep. Mike Turner files HB1827.
  • HB1827 -driver’s certificate elimination bill advances to the floor and passes - ayes 86, nays 8, PNV 2 in the House. Lynn is co-sponsor of this bill.  Page 1377 - 1382 of the Journal.
  • The Senate vote is ayes 25, nays 2.
  • The bill becomes Public Chapter 194.     
After seven years the fight is finally over and illegal aliens can no longer legally drive in Tennessee.    

To read more about Susan Lynn's fight against illegal immigration in the Tennessee House visit her website - 

As I said, don't believe everything you read, or hear, without getting the entire story. The fact is that Susan Lynn led the fight to abolish the law signed by a DEMOCRAT governor and passed by a DEMOCRAT-controlled Tennessee legislature that gave illegals driver's licenses in the first place.

** Republished with Susan Lynn's permission. Please also visit Susan's blog at

Monday, July 9, 2012

.38 Special Classics on Music Monday

Over the years, we heard music pundits refer to Elvis Pressley as "The King of Rock 'N Roll." I've heard some refer to The Rolling Stones as "The Kings of Rock 'N Roll." To be honest with you, I'm not sure I would agree with bestowing either of those labels on either of those artists. However, if someone were to pin the title of "The Kings of Southern Rock" on a band, it would have to be either .38 Special or Lynyrd Skynyrd. As promised last Monday, both of them will appear on The Sheepdog's Music Mondays over the next two weeks. However, today will feature a double shot of .38 Special.

If I had to pick one favorite band of mine, it would likely be .38 Special. What else would you expect from a "gun nut," right ? The first music video I ever saw was of the band's hit "If I'd Been the One," which was one of my first featured Music Monday videos. Today's first video is also from the band's 1983 album Tour de Force. It's "Back Where You Belong." The video is embedded below or can be watched by clicking here.

The second video today, may bring a tear or two to your eye if you're a Lynyrd Skynyrd fan. In 1991, .38 Special released an album titled "Bone Against Steel." The album contained a song titled "Rebel to Rebel" written by the band to honor Ronnie Van Zant and the other members of Lynyrd Skynyrd who were killed in the tragic 1977 plane crash. In this live video, Donnie Van Zant honors his brother at a concert in Sturgis. The video is embedded below or can be watched by clicking here. Enjoy.

Skynyrd is up next Monday.
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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Susan Lynn : Statement on Tennessee RIght to Life Endorsements

Susan Lynn
Tennessee Right to Life called me on Monday to thank me for my eight year 100% positive Pro-life voting record and also to apologize and explain that it is their long standing policy to always endorse the incumbent.

Naturally I am very disappointed by this TRL by-law but I am very proud and grateful that I received their endorsement for my four consecutive terms in the Legislature where I worked closely with the Right to Life Director. I was the prime sponsor of their “Anti-Coercion Act” and to defund Planned Parenthood both of which we passed into law, and a co-sponsor of SJR 127.

You can be assured of my continued unwavering commitment to life.

I look forward to again working with Right to Life in the next general assembly, and to receiving their endorsement in the General Election.

Please visit to see a list of my legislative accomplishments on behalf of pro-life and the conservative cause.

Contact: Susan Lynn – 615-596-2363

** Republished with Susan Lynn's permission. Please also visit Susan's blog at
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