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Susan Lynn: Candid Truth on Traffic Cameras

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I can't say I've never seen anything like this race, because the state Senate race in 2010 rose to a whole new level. It is just so easy to disprove what she (my opponent) is saying that it is amazing that she'd even make the attempt.

Ladies and Gentlemen, my opponent and her friends are now saying that I voted for traffic cameras. You know that I would not do that to you EVER.

Susan Lynn
In fact, I voted against them several times through amendments to other bills because the House Transportation Committee bottled up the bill to ban them. If this race was not so important their attacks could almost be funny – they are so terribly desperate.

Please do not forget that it was Linda Elam who voted for the traffic cameras as Mayor of Mt. Juliet and she's the reason why we have them today. Then, in what many believe was a strictly politically expedient move to get rid of them, it was learned she hadn’t read the contract; revealing that either the city is tied to the cameras long term or the citizens would suffer a loss of $700,000.

They are citing two bills. So, I have posted them for you here:
  • HB0698/SB0666 is a bill to make it a non-moving violation if you get a ticket with a traffic camera - thus you won’t get points on your license, and your insurance shouldn’t go up. Prior to this bill passing, it was a moving violation to get a ticket from a traffic camera – truly, most people appreciated the General Assembly passing this bill. 
  • HB1202/SB1502 (the amendments rewrite the bill) bans surveillance cameras on interstate highways. The bill excludes SmartWays and work zones – cameras were already allowed in these areas for safety reasons – and they do not issue tickets.  SmartWays provide information to travelers about traffic congestion – You are probably familiar with them, because the local news broadcasts the SmartWay cameras’ footage on the morning news so you can see the commute into the city.  Work Zone cameras are used by TDOT (not the department of safety) in a number of ways, but mainly for two reasons - safety and to alleviate congestion. These cameras ARE NOT used to issue tickets, nor do they monitor a red light (the link for work zones actually covers their use on SmartWays as well).
Just because these bills mention the word camera it doesn’t mean that they are FOR traffic cameras.  I have never voted for traffic cameras and I have voted against them through amendments a number of times.

There is a quote that says it all about this race, "the worst thing about being lied to is knowing you're not worth the truth to someone." unknown 

Susan Lynn
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