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Susan Lynn - The Gun Owner's Friend

For the last month, The Sheepdog has spent a lot of time sharing the truth about Susan Lynn's record in response to her opponent's vicious, untrue attacks. Today, I will do the same, but I will do it differently. I will simply share and promote Susan's record on an issue of utmost importance to me - guns and The Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

I've often said that I can tell everything I need to know about a candidate based upon their stance on two issues - life and guns. If a candidate is pro-life, it tells me that they care about people. If a candidate is pro-gun, it tells me that they think that we as individuals have a right to be left alone to take care of ourselves and determine our own destiny. If you are on the opposite side from me on one or both of those issues, then guess what - you ain't getting my vote. I am happy to say that Susan Lynn has always been on the pro- side, and my side, of both of those issues.

Susan Lynn - the gun owners friend
I first met Susan in early 2008, when I was still a member of the NRA. I got an e-mail from the NRA stating that a bill known as the "Ammunition Accountability Act" was being considered by the Tennessee Legislature. The bill would have required ALL ammunition to be coded, so it could be identified, a process commonly known as ammo serialization. Each box of ammunition purchased would then be "registered" to the purchaser and recorded in a database. So, I called up my elected representatives, including Susan, and asked them to vote "NO" on the bill. I spoke with Susan about 30 minutes that day, and she agreed with me that it was a bad bill that needed to be voted down. Fortunately, the bill never made it out of committee. I knew she was a pro-gunner then.

Susan's pro-gun voting record is second to none. Below I have listed some of the highlights. For instance, she voted in favor of :
  • protecting old gun ranges (HB 1736)
  • allowing permit holders to carry their handgun year-round in WMAs, public hunting areas, etc. (HB 961),
  • allowing permit holders to carry firearms in restaurants that serve alcohol as long as they are not drinking. She co-sponsored this bill and voted to override Governor Bredesen's veto of it (HB 962)
  • prohibiting authorities from confiscating firearms during "emergencies" (i.e. - like what happened in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina)(HB 1778)
  • The Tennessee Firearms Freedom Act (HB 1796)
  • removing the governor's authority to limit the sale or transportation of guns during an emergency. She also a co-sponsored this bill (HB 3240).
  • prohibiting the state from requiring a carry permit holder to provide identifying information about their firearm. She also co-sponsored this bill (HB 46).
  • park carry (HB 716)
  • restaurant carry a 2nd time, and to override Governor Bredesen's veto a 2nd time, after a liberal, activist judge ruled the original law "too vague" (HB 3125)
The above votes of Susan are just the highlights from the last two legislative sessions she served in. I could go on, but the list of her pro-gun votes would be very long. Susan's support of gun owners and the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is second to none in this state. She has NEVER cast an anti-gun vote. NEVER. In fact, the NRA gave her an "A" rating when they graded candidates for this election cycle (see below).

People who have been reading The Sheepdog's blog since it went online in July 2009 know I love guns. They are not just a hobby for me. They are a way of life. Susan Lynn supports that way of life. Always has. Always will. If she didn't, I would have been the first to call her on it.

If you are a gun owner and live in Tennessee's 57th House District, but are still trying to decide who to vote for in the Republican Primary this Thursday, August 2nd, Susan Lynn is YOUR candidate. However, be sure to vote Thursday, because it is basically the General Election in this contest as there is no Democrat or Independent on the ballot in November. The winner, preferably Susan, on Thursday wins the seat.

If you are a gun owner, Susan Lynn is your friend. Trust me ... I'm a Sheepdog, and Sheepdogs love guns and pro-gun candidates.

And with all that being said, The Sheepdog extends his official endorsement to Susan Lynn for Tennessee House District 57. It is the first endorsement he ever has bestowed on any candidate for any office.

May Lynn Win on Thursday.
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Anonymous said...


What you fail to mention to your readers is that LINDA ELAM has received the endorsement of the NRA with an A+ rating, the highest possible rating.

Secondly, no where does your post reflect that Susan Lynn refused to say she supported the guns in parking lot bill. She goes into a 10 minute "explanation" of the issue, but NEVER does she say she'd vote for it. Elam has clearly stated her position in favor of this bill. No waivering. No evasive answers. Just "yes".

As you well know, State Representative Elam is the strongest backer of the Second Amendment, and she deserves the vote of your readers.

The Second Chance Sheepdog said...

Well, hello “Anonymous.” I see you decided to crawl out from under your rock again and that you still have that “Yellow-Belly Disease” since you refuse to tell who you are. Apparently, you missed my post the other day about my new “No Cowards Allowed” blog policy. However, I will give you a pass this time, because it gives me the opportunity to correct Susan’s record that you have blatantly distorted. Consider it a “tactical error” on your part.

Before I do that, though, I will admit that you got one thing right – Elam did receive the NRA Endorsement and their A+ rating. However, I need to explain to you exactly what that means. It simply means that she has no recorded anti-gun votes or anti-gun public statements made. Plus, the NRA’s policy is to always endorse the incumbent unless the incumbent has an anti-gun record. Heck, based up those criteria, either you or me could get the NRA endorsement.

Let’s talk about Elam’s gun record. She has ONE recorded pro-gun vote and that is her vote to allow carry in Mt. Juliet City Parks. However, did you know that in the weeks leading up to that vote, she NEVER expressed her opinion? She waited until the night the Mt. Juliet City Commission voted on it, and then cast the tie-breaking vote. The people in favor of it at the meeting outnumbered the ones against about 20-1. I was there. I saw it. She just wanted to gauge the breeze, so to speak, and then vote whichever way was most popular. She’s a typical politician in that regards. And, oh by the way, how about that picture on her Facebook page where she is loading the shotgun? It looks like she’s thinking, “Am I doing this right?” I doubt she’s ever picked up a shotgun before. But don’t take my word for, go see for yourself.

Now, in regards to your allegations about Susan and the “Safe Commute Bill.” You have distorted the truth like Elam did in her mailers. Oops. Wait a minute - are you her, "Anonymous" ? It sounds like you were at the Tennessee Firearms Association meeting a few weeks ago when Susan spoke. She said very clearly that night that she would vote FOR the “Safe Commute Bill.” Why? She said she does not want anyone telling her what she can and cannot have in her car. I agree with that. She made that very plan and very simple. I tell ya what – since you obviously missed that part of Susan’s presentation, I will be happy to e-mail you a copy of the videotape I have where she spelled it out word for word. Furthermore, Please let your friends know that I have a recording of it just in case they think about making the same mistake you did by distorting Susan’s record. Susan has pro-gun vote after pro-gun vote in her record. She IS the pro-gun candidate in this race. Her record speaks for itself.

It might also behoove you to go back and read my new blog policy. Apparently, you missed the part where I said I hate both cowards AND liars. Guess what? You hit the jackpot because you are all of the above.

Now get back under your rock and go away, coward.

Kindest regards,
The Sheepdog