Thursday, July 5, 2012

Susan Lynn : Statement on Tennessee RIght to Life Endorsements

Susan Lynn
Tennessee Right to Life called me on Monday to thank me for my eight year 100% positive Pro-life voting record and also to apologize and explain that it is their long standing policy to always endorse the incumbent.

Naturally I am very disappointed by this TRL by-law but I am very proud and grateful that I received their endorsement for my four consecutive terms in the Legislature where I worked closely with the Right to Life Director. I was the prime sponsor of their “Anti-Coercion Act” and to defund Planned Parenthood both of which we passed into law, and a co-sponsor of SJR 127.

You can be assured of my continued unwavering commitment to life.

I look forward to again working with Right to Life in the next general assembly, and to receiving their endorsement in the General Election.

Please visit to see a list of my legislative accomplishments on behalf of pro-life and the conservative cause.

Contact: Susan Lynn – 615-596-2363

** Republished with Susan Lynn's permission. Please also visit Susan's blog at
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