Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cooper's in a Stuper

Incumbent Congressman Jim Cooper has stooped to a new low in his newest TV ad in which he uses the recent Nashville flood and its victims for his own political gain. You can watch it here.

I stated in my July 23, 2010 blog post titled Shut Yo Pie Hole ..... PLEASE that Cooper was only concerned about the flood's aftermath because it is an election year. He has been in Congress nearly 20 years and the power, greed, and elitism has apparently put Cooper into some kind of stuper. I have voted against this man time after time and I'll be doing it again in November. In addition to this tacky TV ad :
  • he voted AGAINST the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • he voted FOR the Brady Bill.
  • he voted FOR the so-called Assault Weapons Ban before voting AGAINST it on its final vote because funding to put additional police officers on the street was stripped from it.
  • he voted FOR ObamaCare.
  • he voted FOR Cap and Trade.
  • he voted FOR TARP.
  • he voted FOR the Stimulus Bill.
Therefore, in November, I'm voting to fire Jim Cooper and replace him with David Hall. If you live in the Tennessee counties of Davidson, Wilson, or Cheatham, you should, too. For more information on David Hall, please visit For more info on Jim Cooper's lousy Congressional career, please visit
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