Thursday, January 27, 2011

Heart recipient meets donor's mom for first time

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When organ recipients meet the families of their donors for the first time, it is usually an emotional moment. The first meeting between Eric Ford, heart recipient, and Renee Varela, his donor's mother, was no exception. In August of 2010, Renee's 18-year old son, Anthony, was tragically killed by a drunk driver. However, in the midst of the tragedy, Anthony saved the life of Eric, who was waiting on his second heart transplant after the first one received in 2006 failed.

In the story and video on titled Mother Meets Man Whose Life Was Saved by Son's Organ Donation, it tells about how Renee had a very short time to consent to Anthony's donation. She knew, however, it was the right thing to do because it's what Anthony would have wanted. She described him as a giving person who liked to help people. The article goes on to say that Renee listened to Eric's chest to hear her son's heart beat again and doing so made her "... so glad." Hopefully, Eric will receive many, many quality years of life from Eric's priceless gift.
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