Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hope coming to Grand Caymans sickest residents

Grand Cayman. The shallow lagoon is surrounded...Did you know that there are places in the world where life-saving organ transplants are not legal ?? According to a story on, that is the case in the Grand Cayman Islands. Current law there is unclear as written as to whether transplants can be done legally. Therefore, in order to not risk violating the law, they're just not done. However, one member of the islands' Legislative Assembly is working to change that.

The member is MLA Elio Solomon. The story, Organ Donor Law One Step Closer, says he's been working in a committee researching what the Legislative Assembly must do in order to clarify the law. Then, the islands' residents can legally receive the life-saving surgeries that so many of them need. With 40 people currently receiving dialysis at Georgetown Hospital, Solomon says the Caymans "... need legislation like this."

I hope the lawmakers in the Cayman's are successful in getting the law clarified. Many of their constituents' lives depend on it. It also makes me wonder - why can't we have lawmakers like this gentlemen in the U.S. ?? He cares about the lives of his people. Instead, we in the U.S. get stuck with jokers like Arizona Governor Jan Brewer who would rather let transplant patients die because of budget problems than help them. So, here's an idea - the people of Arizona should recall Brewer and replace her with Solomon. Sound good to you ?? I bet it does to the Arizonians needing life-saving transplants.

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