Monday, January 24, 2011

A little KISS on Music Monday

In this past Friday's post, I promised a double shot of KISS in today's Music Monday post. My original plan was to post two live concert videos, but I changed my mind because one of my goals for this blog is to keep it as "Family Friendly" as possible. After watching the two live videos a few more times, I decided that they were not family friendly enough. So, I decided to go with two regular videos (please watch them below), such as would have been played on MTV or VH1.

The first video is "Crazy, Crazy Nights" from the band's 1987 album titled Crazy Nights. Crazy Nights went platinum and was the band's highest charting album of the '80s. The second video is "Hide Your Heart" from the band's 1989 album titled Hot in the Shade which went gold. You will notice that "Hide Your Heart" is the alternate uncensored version. However, there is nothing vulgar or otherwise offensive in the video. There is another version of this video which omits the images of the guns. The "uncensored" version in this blog post does not. In my opinion, it shows how political correctness has gotten out of control when images of guns are censored out of an artist's work.

Rock N Roll's soul has always been rooted in rebellion. Therefore, this conservative, 2nd Amendment advocate, and gun-enthusiast rebelled against the Liberal, anti-gun establishment by running the "uncensored" version which shows the guns. My blog, my freedom, my rules, my choice - live with it gun haters. With that, I conclude my political statement for the day. Enjoy the videos and keep rockin'. We'll do it again next Monday.

P.S. I bet you will be tapping you're foot by the time you finish these two videos. Furthermore, if you're a KISS fan, both of these songs can be found on their The Complete Collection CD. You can pick up a copy by clicking on the image in the upper left corner of this post. It's a heck of a deal. You get 45 KISS classics for about $17. Or, if you just want the MP3's of these two songs, you can get them by clicking on the image, too. Where can you beat that deal ?

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