Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Another reason NOT to eat green beans

Green-beansFor years, my parents, my wife, my friends, and even my doctors have tried to get me to eat my veggies. They've had no luck. I don't care much for veggies. I'm a "meat and taters" guy. The story I ran across for today's post gives me another reason to stay away from the green stuff. As if I needed another reason - veggies are just nasty.

I ran across this story on from about a year ago. Mother Finds Animal Head in Veggies tells about a Houston mom who found a surprise in her family's food. Ernestine Jamison was preparing a bag of Pictsweet frozen green beans for dinner when she discovered a snake's head in the green beans. Yes, you read that correctly - a snake's head.

Ms. Jamison said that when she contacted Pictsweet about the incident, they told her that it was not a snake's head but a frog's head. Yeah, like that really makes a difference. Oh, by the way, they also informed her that they were not "liable" for the the incident and offered her $150. Wasn't that nice of them ?? Apparently, the corporate attorney's "uh-oh" radar went off. In my opinion, it's just another reason to be a meat-atarian. Veggies could be hazardous to your health !!

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