Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Father Gives Son Special Father's Day Gift

Steven and Brian Zollman's gift giving for Father's Day was a little backwards. Father, Steven, gave son, Brian, a gift instead of the other way around. The neat thing is this gift will last a lifetime, never be forgotten, and results in them being together longer. Dad gave son a kidney.

The two men live in Longwood, FL, and Brian is a recent college graduate who has had kidney problems his whole life. His doctors told him last year that he needed a kidney transplant, so he began the testing process. Perhaps he should buy a lottery ticket once he gets out of the hospital, because he's on a lucky streak. The first person tested for a match was perfect and happened to be his dad. The first person that's tested turning out to be a perfect match doesn't usually happen, but since it did, these two will be able to celebrate many more Father's Days together.

Source : article titled A Special Father's Day : Longwood Gives Son A Kidney

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