Thursday, June 2, 2011

Can you help Terri Watkins ?

NDDIC provides information about digestive dis...Terri Watkins, 48, of Perry Township, OH needs your help. Two years ago she was told she needed a liver transplant due to non-alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver. Her disease is genetic and results from her body not making an adequate supply of protein to protect her liver.

Terri's transplant has suffered a setback. Apparently, her insurance will only pay for $50,000 of the estimated $525,000 cost. Terri is a mother of two whose friends and family have held fundraisers in an effort to raise the money needed. However, their resources are limited.

The most shocking part of Terri's ordeal is that a social worker suggested that her and her husband of 27 years, David, get a divorce which would make her indigent and welfare eligible. They refused the idea of splitting up to get government assistance. David said, "... that route doesn't appeal to us."

I applaud the Watkins' decision to stick to their values and principles. It's a sad time in our country when a couple has to decide between staying together or getting help. I believe in following the rules, but if that's what the rules are, then they need to be changed. However, that's a sermon for another day. If you would like to help Terri with a donation to help pay for her transplant, you can do so by visiting her fundraising page with the National Foundation for Transplants by clicking here.

Source : article titled Couple Trying to Raise Money for Organ Transplant Surgery

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