Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Vet gives Gift of Life

Tal Afar, IraqSpecialist Austin Spencer "Ash" Hamilton served his country admirably both at home and abroad. He served as a scout in the U.S. Army's 1st Calvary Division in Iraq. Then, after returning home after his tour of duty, he served once again by being an organ and tissue donor after losing his life in a tragic accident. He was a hero in saving five lives and improving many more.

One day after Austin's death, his family received a letter from an 18-year old man. The letter said the man had been in danger of losing his leg to amputation. However, Austin was a perfect match for him and he received a bone graft from him which allowed doctors to save his leg.

The letter completely changed Austin's dad's, Keith, view of organ and tissue donation. In fact, he quickly established an organ donation awareness foundation named after Austin. Then, he custom-wrapped his car with a "Donate Life" message in order to get the word out about the miracle of organ and tissue donation. Keith did it to honor his son and because, "It only takes a few minutes to enroll on the (organ & tissue) registry, but those couple of minutes could one day mean the difference between life and death for someone on the waiting list."

Keith is absolutely right. I know firsthand. I'm one of those lives who have been saved by organ donation. You could save someone's life, too. Just visit the Donate Life America website by clicking here to find out how to register in the state where you live.

For more information on the Austin Spencer "Ash" Hamilton foundation, please visit or click here.

Source : article on titled Hitting the Streets for Donate Life 

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