Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Guest Column by Dale Flowers

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When I was in the army we had a philosophy. There were times when we needed to take some form of action but were not in a position to get permission from our superiors. The philosophy was to go ahead and take the action because it was easier to say “I’m sorry” than it was to get permission. I am glad to see that philosophy is still alive and well today (sarcasm added). For example, NBC leaves out the phrase “Under God” in the pledge. They said they were deeply “sorry” and did not intend to offend. Another perfect example of the philosophy. Earlier, President Obama left out the words “by our Creator” in quoting the Declaration of Independence. Of course the apology was quickly forthcoming after the uproar. Another example of “Running it up the flagpole and see who salutes it.” How long are we going to tolerate such actions that are an insult to our intelligence ?

How much longer are we going to be insulted by the “thinkopotomuses” of the world who belittle the basic fabric upon which our freedom is based ? They take five steps forward with their actions and then comes the “I’m sorry.” They are like a child that keeps on testing the patience of their parent until they see a stormy look. They then shyly lower their gaze, shed a tear or two, and say “I’m sorry”.

Well, people can be “sorry” alright. The attempt to remove God from our culture is indeed a “sorry” thing. “But we are not trying to remove your god from the culture, we are just trying not to offend anyone else.” I’m not sorry that there are those that are so easily offended. Perhaps they need to grow up. No matter where we go or what we do, someone will be offended. We live in a time when the focus is on "ME.” It is all about “ME” and “MY FEELINGS.”

I recently attended a graduation in the Philippines at a Catholic school. The students, as part of the ceremony took communion. One young student, who was not Catholic, did not want to participate. In America, her parents might have hired a lawyer and gotten the ACLU on board to block the school from having communion during graduation. What did she do ? She didn’t participate. How did the other students and faculty react ? They didn’t.

Why can’t we respect each other ? Learn to read. The first amendment does not protect the government from religion but protects religion from the government. Perhaps if “Little Johnny" is traumatized by a prayer the parents need to take action, not by blocking the right to pray, but by teaching “Johnny” that there are things that will happen in his life that will be offensive. Get over it. That is life.

“I’m sorry” is not acceptable when our national documents are misquoted intentionally leaving out the God in whom we trust. Washington, the courts, and the media need to learn that. Leave our heritage alone.

Dale C. Flowers
P.O. Box 904
Hendersonville, TN 37077
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