Tuesday, August 9, 2011

South Carolina Man Needs Your Help

Tim Peake of Winnsboro, SC is in desperate need of help. He was diagnosed with kidney failure brought on by diabetes 16 years ago. However, his disease severely worsened in November 2009 when he had to be rushed to Richland Memorial Hospital. Tim's heart stopped four times that evening and he tells the story in this video.

Tim has been on dialysis for a long time, and it is slowly weakening his heart. He is currently on the transplant waiting list for a kidney. He and his family are hoping and praying for a living donor to step forward to save Tim's life. All of his friends and family members have been tested, but none of them are a match. Tim is running out of time as his heart will likely continue to weaken due to the dialysis.

If you are healthy and have blood type O or B and are interested in helping Tim, he and his family would love to hear from you. Just call 1-800-277-8687, take option 4, then option 1, and specify that your call is for Tim Peake.

Source : article on titled Could You Save This Mans Life ? 

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