Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"And Till Death Do Us Part"

When I ran across Rachael Frieson's story the other day, my first thought was, "Wow. You don't hear about commitment like that much anymore." Rachael and her husband, Dan, were just recently married. The interesting thing is that she is waiting for a complex combination heart and liver transplant, and that Dan didn't hesitate when learning she was sick - he's in it for the long haul.

Rachael was born with a genetic heart defect which caused her heart to not form correctly. She could have died the very night she was born. However, she was blessed that one of the nurses on duty that night happened to be the wife of a pediatric cardiologist, who was knowledgeable of an experimental drug that would keep the newborn alive until she could undergo live-saving surgery.

During her life, Rachael has endured three open-heart surgeries. In fact, about a year into her and Dan's relationship, her health started to deteriorate again. She offered Dan the chance to end the relationship and walk away. However, Dan chose to stay by her side saying, "I knew I couldn't walk away without wondering my whole life about it." At first, the couple thought about waiting to get married until after Rachael's transplant. Then, they changed their minds and decided to proceed because they " ... were tired of waiting."

Rachael and Dan's story is the type of story of love and commitment that we need more of. It just makes you feel good. I hope and pray Rachael is blessed with the transplant she needs soon and that her and Dan have many wonderful years together. Their story reminds me of how blessed I am, too. My wife could have bailed and ran at any time after I got sick, too, but she chose to stick with me through it all. Besides the Lord's blessing and the generosity of my heart donor and his family, she's the biggest reason I'm still alive.

Just like Rachael, I don't it take for granted, either - not for a single minute.

Source - article on titled Battle Ground Couple Marries, Even with Bride' s Two-Organ Transplant Looming
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