Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tractor Supply Co. is now anti-gun

I occasionally shop at Tractor Supply Co. (TSC)  in Old Hickory, TN on Lebanon Rd. I was there today to pick up a couple of salt licks for my deer as well as some wire connectors. As I reached the front door, I noticed a couple of new signs - the infamous "NO GUNS" signs. So, even though I wasn't carrying at the time because I had been to a doctor's appointment, I turned around and left.

The Lefty anti-gunners believe so-called "gun free zones" are "safe zones." The problem with that thinking is the only people safe in "gun free zones" are criminals, because they know they can wreck havoc there without any worry of someone standing up to them. Of course, the bad guys will have weapons with them. Criminals don't obey the law or signs telling them they can't do something. That's why they're called criminals. Ask the families of the victims from the shootings at Columbine and Virginia Tech how safe "gun free zones" are.

I called the TSC in Old Hickory this afternoon and asked to speak to the manager. Her name was Melanie. She was very polite, as was I. I asked about the new signs and why they had been put up. She said there had been a couple of "incidents" at the store. I asked if these "incidents" had involved permit holders. She said she thought one of them had, but she was not sure and could not give me any specific details per company policy. She said management had decided to post to protect employee safety. I told her they were actually endangering employee safety by posting because they were putting out a welcome mat for criminals. She also told me that management had instructed all stores to purchase the signs. Based upon that, it is very likely that ALL TSC locations will be posted in the future, if not already. I can only verify that the one in Old Hickory is for now.

I hate that TSC has had these incidents. However, due to a few "incidents," they are denying ALL their customers with carry permits the right and freedom to protect themselves while on the premises. I told the manager that I hoped TSC changed it's mind, but until they do, I will be shopping elsewhere. I encourage you to do the same.

P.S. I have a list of other anti-gun establishments where carry is prohibited on my website on my Guns page.
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