Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Animal Rights Activists going wacko ..... again.

It's only 24 days until Tennessee's deer season opens. On September 25th, thousands of bow hunters all across our great state will hit the fields and forests in search of venison for the freezer. Many will be blessed with a nice trophy buck. Hopefully, I'll be one of them.

Recently, I ran across two articles by outdoor writer Larry Woody on One of the articles, Professor Claims Animals Have Right to Privacy, is about an absolutely "nutty professor" who claims that animals have a "right to privacy" and should therefore not be photographed or filmed. The problem with his argument, besides its absurdity, it that without photographing and videotaping of animals, for things such as documentaries, we would not be able to learn about many of the critters that God has placed on this earth and blessed us with.

The second article, PETA Takes Aim at New Hunting Show, tells about PETA's (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) criticism of American Idol contestant Kristy Lee Cook's new hunting show. Instead of being intimidated by PETA, Cook chooses to tout hunting's benefits including the thousands of jobs it supports which are vitally important in this dismal economy.

I really wish some of these "animal rights activists" would knock off the constant criticism of hunters and others and stop their extremist protest methods, such as terrifying kids at McDonalds for eating hamburgers, disrupting legal hunts, and walking around naked protesting the use of fur. Instead, they should do something constructive, such as helping with wildlife conservation projects. Hunters do so every year through both direct involvement in projects and indirectly through buying ammo and other hunting supplies which are taxed and the revenue used for funding such projects. Plus, our animal population control services help keep herds healthy by preventing overpopulation and thus preventing disease and starvation due to browse shortages. Hunters do far more for wildlife conservation and preservation than PETA's ever dreamed of. Just ask the whitetail deer and the wild turkey.

The next time you hear some animal rights activist talk about how those "mean, blood thirsty hunters hate animals" just tell them The Sheepdog said that it's not true. We love animals because THEY ... TASTE ... SO ... GOOD !!
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