Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Facebook Helps Save Another Life

Back about two weeks ago, I posted a story  about a man whose life was saved because he posted his need for a transplant on his Facebook page. Amazingly, I've ran across another such story !!! carries a story, Facebook Friend Request Leads to Transplant, of how Sarah Taylor, the recipient, and Sara Steelman, living donor, met through Taylor's sister who worked in Steelman's office when Steelman was a State Representative in the Indiana legislature. The three ladies were also in the same community theater.

Taylor's health problems originated from an aneurysm and dissected aorta back in 1999. These led to multiple health problems and a slow, downhill progression in her physical condition. Ultimately, it resulted in kidney failure and the need for a transplant. Taylor was blessed in the fact that Steelman, the former State Representative, is one of the few true "public servants" left.
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