Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sacrifice ??

In this video, the Obama's preach that "all of us are going to have to sacrifice" in order to get the economy and this country going again.

They're preaching "sacrifice" while taking not one, not two, not three ..... but SIX vacations on our dime this year. In fact, Mrs. Obama recently took a vacation in Spain and took dozens of friends and family members with her. Guess who paid for this "reunion ??" Yep, you guessed it - you and me. Mr. and Mrs. America, how many vacations have you had during this recession ?? Hopefully, you've had at least one, but I'll bet you paid for it and not somebody else. Many Americans can't even afford one. Makes me wonder what the Obamas plan on sacrificing. They are so out of touch that I'm guessing nothing.

So, how's that sacrificing and "Hope and Change" working out for ya ??
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