Friday, August 6, 2010

The Sheepdog's 200th post

This is a milestone post for The Second Chance Sheepdog blog. It is my 200th and is basically a wrap-up of yesterday's elections.

First, I would like to use it to take the opportunity to congratulate Wilson Co. Commissioner-Elect Jason Brockman on his victory over the 40+ year incumbent Gilbert Graves yesterday. Brockman was one of the featured candidates in my "Support the Home Team" series back in May. You can revisit that post here. This was Brockman's first ever campaign and he picked a tough one. Few gave him a chance of defeating the entrenched Graves but he pulled it off with a lot of hard work. Congrats my friend !!

Secondly, I would like to take the opportunity to commend Robert Fields and Adam Futrell on the fine races they ran. Each of them were also featured during the "Support the Home Team" series in May. You can revisit Robert's post here and Adam's here. I was fortunate to get to get to know and make new friends with both Robert and Adam during the campaign season. Both of them are great guys and either would have made great State Representatives. Personally, I believe the Republicans in Tennessee's 57th District made a huge mistake in not selecting one of these true Conservative gentlemen as their nominee to represent them. Then again, Republicans have made a habit lately of picking the wrong nominee (i.e. - John McCain).

Lastly, but certainly not least, I must thank Rep. Susan Lynn for her eight years of service to her constituents in Tennessee's 57th District but most of all for her friendship. She has never been a politician but rather a perfect example of what a public servant is supposed to be. I have had the opportunity of spending some time with her on Capitol Hill and have seen first hand how hard she works for her constituents. She accomplishes more in one day than the other 100+ members of The Tennessee General Assembly do in a month. She has been and is a true leader. Tennesseans will miss her on Capitol Hill. In addition to her being my State Representative, she and her husband have been friends of my wife and I for over two years. We love them both. Susan will go far and do great things in whatever pursuit she follows next. As in Robert and Adam's case, Republicans made a huge mistake by not nominating Susan as their next State Senator.
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