Friday, August 6, 2010

2010 U.S. Transplant Games - Wrap Up

View of downtown Madison, WI from across Lake Monona.

Thank goodness we are home from The Games. We departed Madison, WI at 6:20 A.M. CDT on Wednesday and arrived back home at 4:40 P.M that afternoon. I can't remember when I've been soooo happy to cross the Tennessee state line. We had some good times on the trip, but it will mostly be remembered as one of disappointment and an opportunity that slipped away .... again.

The main bright spot that I will remember from the trip is the beautiful scenery that we enjoyed driving through Illinois. There were corn and soybean fields washed in bright green all along the interstate for as far as you could see (below). They were only broken up by the occasional barn, farmhouse, or silo. In some areas, the fields would have tall hardwood forests and rivers running through them. All I could think of was that it was a deer hunter's paradise - peaceful, beautiful, quiet, and clean.
As I said before The Games, these were probably my last. The physical and mental toll has been brutal. The visits to the chiropractor twice and three times a week for my arthritic back, dislocated fingers, and a sore shoulder have been a bit much. Then, there's the mental and emotional strain of enduring the physical toll, working so hard to try to win, and then not achieving the goal desired. I did it, however, as a way of honoring the Lord, my donor Kent and his family, and because winning a sports competition is something I've never done but wanted to badly. However, it's become apparent that it's simply not worth it as my body is not physically able to handle it. I won't say I'll never go again, but it's not likely that I will. Plus, I'd hate to have to pull a "Brett Favre." It would have to be the perfect situation where it's either close by or in a city that my wife and I have been wanting to visit.

Lastly, I want to thank everyone again for their support whether it was through prayer, finances, or encouragement. Now, it's time to take some time away from blogging and regroup. Might be a good weekend to go shootin'. Viva la Second Amendment !!
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