Monday, August 16, 2010

The Sheepdog is back on post

After returning from The Games, I decided to take a break from blogging and get caught up on some things I'd been putting off for awhile. I had just been too busy. Some of those include some changes and improvements to the blog and the website such as a new blog template, new background, and new color scheme. I have also added a slideshow of pictures from The Transplant Games. Music lovers will enjoy the added playlist of tunes with artists from the '80s as well as the present. Artists include Third Day, Cinderella, .38 Special, Toby Mac, John Mellencamp, Skillet, and several others. Enjoy them as you browse around the blog. If you like your music loud, then there's some stuff here that's definitely "crankable." If you get in trouble at work for playing the music too loud, don't blame me. You were warned (ha, ha).

The website has been modified and additional information added, also. You can check it out at If you do your online shopping at, my website and blog are affiliates. On my "Shop" page and elsewhere on the website and at the bottom of my blog, you can make your online purchases and help me keep the website online in the process. It costs money to host it and I would appreciate your support as I receive a small commission on any purchase made by linking through my site.

Lastly, during the break, I've been working on a new three-part blog series that will start next Monday, August 23, 2010 and run Monday, Wednesday, and Friday next week. I'm calling it, "Sheepdog on the Warpath." Some are gonna love it and some are gonna hate it. Some are gonna be shocked. I'm running the series because I've got some "bones to pick" with some well-known political organizations including The National Rifle Association (NRA) who are up first on Monday. When the series concludes Friday, some people are gonna be scratching their heads and asking, "Who let the (Sheep)Dog out ??"

In the meantime, I'll run some other stories this week before declaring war starting next Monday. Stay tuned.

PLEASE NOTE : Unfortunately, the playlist had to to be removed from this blog. For some unknown reason it was causing the blog to crash. I apologize.
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