Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ad compares transplant waiting list to jailtime

This ad titled Waiting currently running in The United Kingdom compares being on the transplant waiting list to spending time in jail. It's an interesting comparison and I can understand how one could make it. A chronic, terminal disease can make you feel as if you're being held prisoner and that your freedom has been taken away from you. However, it's a comparison that's not appropriate.

People in jail are there because they chose, by their own free will, to break the law in some way. Therefore, they have to pay for that by giving up their freedom. Nearly all people on the transplant waiting list are there through no fault of their own. They were simply dealt a bad hand in the form of a life-threatening disease. A small number of people may be waiting due to bad choices they made but their numbers are very, very few. ALL criminals are in jail because they chose to break the law. That's not the case for people needing transplants.
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