Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Sheepdog is hitting some nerves

It appears that my series this week, Sheepdog on the Warpath, is really hitting some nerves. Some folks ain't too happy about it. I received a rather defensive comment to yesterday's post and the Wilson Co. (TN) Tea Party (WCTP) has removed the link to my blog from their website. Both the "commenter" and the WCTP have completely missed the point. Therefore, let me spell it out in plain, simple English.

We have all supported people or groups who have at some point, in our opinion, lost their way and / or let us down. Sometimes we have called them on it and held them accountable and other times we have let it go. The problem with letting it go is that by doing so nothing changes and the person or group sometimes ends up doing something detrimental to itself or its cause. The purpose of my series this week has been constructive criticism hoping that the parties will get their act back together. Usually, when folks get upset over being called on something, it's because you are telling the truth. Unfortunately, it appears that in this instance the words of Jack Nicholson's character in the movie A Few Good Men are right on target and they "... can't handle the truth !"

The folks upset consider themselves to be conservatives. So, if they were upset by yesterday's post, they're really gonna be hot when tomorrow's post concerning the GOP hits. It's gonna be ugly.

P.S. The WCTP apparently removed my blog link from their website because they were offended by yesterday's post. Therefore, I have removed their links from my blog sidebar, too, because their actions indicate that they do not intend to take my constructive criticism to heart and change. I wish them the best.
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