Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Recipient and living donor become close friends after transplant

In September 2008, Elizabeth Kelly saved Stacey Baade's life by being a living kidney donor for her. At the time, neither had any idea what the future would hold. They have since become close friends who advocate for organ donation together.

According to the article, Organ Donation Forges Fast Friendship, on, Elizabeth and Stacey's lives crossed paths because they are both members of a special community - law enforcement. Stacey's husband, Eric, is a Folsom Police Officer. The Folsom Police Chief contacted all law enforcement in California via e-mail to try to find someone that could help Stacey. Stacey received many responses but chose Elizabeth, a retiree of the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department, as her living donor.

Stacey's energy and quality of life have returned since her transplant. She has run in 5K's, 10K's, and even a full marathon. Currently, Elizabeth and Stacey are training and preparing with Team Donate Life in order to participate in the Ride Across America which is a 3000 mile bike race for public awareness. They will be the first ever recipient-donor team to participate in the event. Their goal is to show the difference that people can make by choosing to become organ, tissue, and blood donors. It is a great goal.

One way you can make a difference is by visiting the Donate Life America website (click here). There you can find more information about organ and tissue donation. Plus, you can find out how to commit to donation in the state where you live.

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