Friday, March 25, 2011

Joe knows the Constitution

In 2007, President Bush was considering military action against Iran. At that time Joe Biden was Senator Biden and in this video he "warns" President Bush that he would lead impeachment proceedings against him if he chose to attack Iran. Biden said he "knew" the constitution and that Bush did not have the constitutional authority to attack anyone without Congressional approval. In Biden's opinion, the only exception was if the U.S. had been attacked or if there was an imminent threat of an attack. This is the same Joe Biden that is known as "The Father of the Assault Weapons Ban" of 1994. That bill was one of the most unconstitutional gun control assaults on the Second Amendment in the history of the U.S. Perhaps The Second Amendment just slipped Joe's mind back in 1994. Or, could it be that like most Democrats, Joe picks and chooses the parts of the constitution to follow and at what times to follow them based upon whatever is politically expedient at that time ? Just remember, Joe Knows the Constitution.

Joe Biden presidential campaign, 2008So, since Joe Knows it would have been unconstitutional for Bush to attack Iran, surely he realizes that in regards to Libya Obama has done the exact same thing he threatened Bush over. So, the question I have for Joe is - who's gonna lead the impeachment proceedings against Obama ? Is he gonna do it ? Or, did that just apply to Bush and Obama gets a pass ?

Hello. Joe, are you out there ? Yo Joe ........

Oh well. Maybe he's at another Beer Summit. After all, it is Friday and Joe Knows the Constitution.
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