Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Oklahoma bill grants bone marrow donation leave

Seal of Oklahoma.
Several weeks ago, I shared (see article here) that California had passed a new law requiring employers to grant time off to employees who choose to be bone marrow or living organ donors. Now, I'm pleased to learn that Oklahoma is considering a similar bill.

According to the report on titled Committee Advances Bill to Facilitate Bone Marrow Donation, House Bill 1078, sponsored by State Rep. Mike Shelton (D), authorizes a leave of absence for employees who choose to be bone marrow or living organ donors (i.e. - kidney or partial liver). The employees could choose to take sick time, vacation days, or annual leave in order to save a life through donation.

Supporters of the bill believe it will encourage living donation by reducing some of the obstacles, such as time off from work, that prohibit people from donating. Last week the bill passed unanimously out of the House Economic Development, Tourism, and Financial Services Committee and will next be considered on the floor of the Oklahoma State House of Representatives. I say "kudos" to the Oklahoma legislature for considering this bill. I encourage them to pass it.

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