Saturday, July 31, 2010

2010 U.S Transplant Games - Day 2

Today has been a great day at The Games. It's been nice with temperatures in the 70s. We've been driving around with the car windows down and been perfectly comfortable. Bet you folks back home in Big Orange Country can't say that.

We were up early since Joy was running the 5K. Over 2000 people including transplant recipients, living donors, and the general public participated in it. It was the largest field of runners in the history of the U.S. Transplant Games. Joy's goal was to complete it in under 40 minutes. She did it in right at 37 (pics below - blue shorts, white tank top, blue visor) !! She was thrilled and I was proud of her because she had trained hard and then MORE than achieved her goal. After I gave her a hug, I looked up and thought, "Lord, tomorrow it's my turn."
We completed the day with the team tailgate party and the Opening Ceremonies. I felt it was my duty as a Tennessean to provide some Big Orange and White for the party. Heck, everyone knows that any self-respecting Tennessean always has some at any tailgate party. Not to do so just ain't proper and is durn near rude. So, as Team Tennessee walked into the arena tonight during Opening Ceremonies, I MADE sure everyone saw that glorious Orange and White and knew Tennessee was there.
I am off to bed. Tomorrow at 9 AM, Jim and I hit the lanes for the doubles bowling competition. It's now game time and time for us to, in the words, of Elvis Pressley, "Take Care of Business." I feel good about our chances. Jim bowled a couple of practice games today with one being a 196. However, I also know that bowling is all about consistency. I ask for your prayers for Jim and I in the morning. We want to do exceptionally well and give ourselves an opportunity to win that gold medal very, very badly. I need your prayers for strength and the ability to focus solely on bowling. We've worked hard for the last two years for this moment. As I said earlier, Joy achieved her goal this morning, tomorrow morning it's our turn .

I'm praying that tomorrow's update includes a picture of Jim and I with our first gold medal.

Philippians 4:13 - I (We) can do all things things through Christ who strengthens me (us).
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Doris said...

Congratulations on Joy overachieving her goal. Good luck tomorrow morning for you and Jim. I'll be praying for you. Hugs, Doris

Doris said...

get a good nites sleep. You'll do great tomorrow.

Hugs, Doris