Friday, July 30, 2010

2010 U.S Transplant Games - Day 1

Well, we here in Madison, WI. We arrived yesterday a little after 5 PM CDT. We drove to St. Louis Wednesday and then went to see and go up in The Gateway Arch Thursday morning. I had been to The Arch over 20 years ago but was not able to go up in it then because it was closed for repairs. However, we got to yesterday and the view was amazing. Two photos for you - one of the arch and one looking straight down (630 feet) from the top. Note The Arch's shadow. That was pretty neat.
Today, I practiced at the two facilities the bowling competitions will be held at. I got a VERY, VERY welcomed surprise. I was expecting the lanes to be heavily oiled and that's what I had prepared for. However, they are oiled very lightly. This is a good thing for me. The best 3-game series I ever bowled was a 590 in March 2009 at Hermitage Lanes. Both facilities here are oiled very similarly to Hermitage. In fact, at the second facility this afternoon, I bowled a game of 180 !! Managers at both facilities told me the oil pattern they had down today is the same one that will be down for the competition. I am pumped because I am better in light oil conditions. There will be no problems with getting the ball to turn. I am very confident that I will bowl well. As I told Jim this afternoon - just gimme the dang ball !!

Tonight, we registered and had the team picture made (pic below of some members of Team Tennessee hanging out before team photo). Tomorrow, Joy is running / walking a 5K. I am resting to be ready for Sunday and we have a team tailgate party and the Opening Ceremonies tomorrow night. Speaking of the opening cermonies, I've got something planned for them that will make every Tennessee Volunteer fan happy. You'll love it !! It's gonna be Football Time in Tennessee .... just in Wisconsin.

Check back tomorrow for more.
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