Friday, April 2, 2010

Thoughts about Good Friday

Today is The Second Chance Sheepdog blog's first Good Friday online. As we go through this special weekend, I wanted to share some personal thoughts with you.

At my church's Good Friday service this evening, our pastor had each one of us take a yellow ribbon and write our names on it. Then, we were asked to take them to the wooden cross at the front of the auditorium and do one of two things with them - either hang them on the cross or lay them at the foot of it. As I approached the cross, it occurred to me that I was unworthy to hang the ribbon with my name on it on the cross. Instead, I laid it at the foot. Even though it was just a symbol of the fact that Christ was thinking of me when hanging on that cross over two thousand years ago, it was very humbling.

When I started this blog nine months ago, it was for two purposes - advocate for organ / tissue donation and freedom. As I thought about Good Friday this evening, it occurred to me that just as organ and tissue donors donate their bodies to save others and give them freedom from the disease that afflicts them, Christ did, too. He voluntarily laid down His life and shed His blood to save each of us from our sins and give us eternal hope. I've heard people say that this or that group and Pilate killed Jesus, but that is not true. He laid down His life voluntarily because He loved us. He had the power to come down off that cross any time He wanted or to call thousands of angels to come and rescue Him if He so desired, but He didn't. He took the beatings, torture, and humiliating death for us because He knew it was the only way we could be saved and have spiritual freedom from the sin that afflicts every one of us.

Our pastor concluded this evening's service with a video called "That Was Friday, but Sunday Was Coming." It was pretty awesome because yes indeed, Sunday was coming, and ....................
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