Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cooper's Crap

On March 21st, The U.S. House of Representatives passed ObamaCare. A few days before, I sent Jim Cooper, who supposedly represents Tennessee's 5th District, the last of my multiple e-mails to him requesting that he vote NO on ObamaCare. Furthermore, I laid out my reasons for feeling the way I did. Mr. Cooper voted YES in favor of ObamaCare along with 218 others in what will go down in U.S. history as another moment that "will live in infamy." Mr. Cooper's response to my e-mail hit my inbox on March 23rd. I have posted it below for all to see :

Dear Mr. Black:

Having heard from tens of thousands of Middle Tennesseans like you on all sides of the issue, and having spent months studying the various bills, I know that America must improve its health care system because it is unsustainable. I voted for health reform legislation because it will make it better.

Any decision of this magnitude must be made very carefully, after weighing every concern. We Nashvillians are proud of our outstanding health care community that makes us "the nation's health care industry capital." Every Nashville hospital strongly supports the legislation, whether it's St. Thomas, Vanderbilt (both University and Hospital), Centennial, Meharry Medical School, Nashville General, Summit, Skyline, or Southern Hills. The largest senior organization, AARP, supports the legislation. A majority of physicians who contacted me support the legislation. A majority of local nurses support the legislation. Despite media controversy regarding abortion, the Catholic hospitals, and groups representing 59,000 Catholic Sisters support the legislation.

Let me make clear that I respect the advocacy of those who are opposed to the legislation. They actually help me make sure that more people in Congress do their homework and pay attention to America's financial problems. They are strengthening our democracy with their voices.

The bottom line is that this legislation offers the only realistic hope that most Americans have for getting a fair deal in today's private health insurance markets. This is not a government takeover, but a way to encourage better private-market competition. Tens of millions of Americans will benefit immediately and thousands of lives will literally be saved due to the greater affordability of health insurance.

Although CBO claims that the legislation will reduce deficits in the first ten years by over $100 billion, and by over $1 trillion after that, you don't have to believe CBO to realize that, even if you assume zero deficit reduction, this is a huge improvement in the policymaking of recent years. This legislation does not do enough to contain medical inflation, but it makes a good start because it contains the largest proposed savings in health costs in history, $600 billion over ten years. In plain English, this bill is paid for, and may even save big money.

I encourage you to visit my website at to read my full statement on health care reform and find answers to your questions on the bill.


Jim Cooper
I was very perturbed with Mr. Cooper's response. Therefore, I fired back the below response on March 24th :


I appreciate you taking some of your valuable time to reply to my message. I also would like to congratulate you for being chosen as one of the Top 10 Congressman to be fired in November on Fire the 219 blogspot. In fact, they were nice enough to rank you number 3. What an honor for you !!!

I would also like to inform you that nearly everything you have written in your response (below) to my original e-mail is false. As a transplant recipient, I have talked to each of my doctors and nurses about this bill. NONE of them support it - NONE, NADA, ZILCH. Furthermore, the polls show that about 75% or 3 out of every 4 Americans do NOT want this health care takeover. In addition, this bill is NOT paid for, as you say. That's unless, of course, you are already counting the massive tax increases that Mr. Obama and your Socialist cronies will eventually place on ALL Americans to pay for this unconstitutional boondoggle in the future. If we had wanted Canadian or British style health care, we would have moved there !!

Lastly, some have said that this bill will save lives. That could be true at the outset. However, in the years to come, when this program and this country go broke, which most economists say is coming, due to out of control spending for which you are partly responsible, it will cost lives. Why ?? Because rationing WILL occur. The elderly, the disabled, chronically ill Americans, and ones such as myself whose maintenance care is expensive WILL be denied care and left to suffer and die. When that happens, our blood will be on your's, Mr. Obama's, and the other 218 Socialists hands. The good part is all of your firings WILL be on ours the very next time we go to the polls. It's gonna be fun, too !!! That's of course, if we don't impeach all of you first.

Johnny Black

The puzzling thing is that I have not received a response back from Mr. Cooper. I wonder why. It's almost like ...... I hurt his feelings or offended him in some way. Surely I didn't do that ...... or did I ??

Dang ..... I hate that.
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The Contemplative Mama said...

Awesome letter to Mr. Cooper!!! And you're a nurse I'm extremely concerned about the implications of this health care bill, especially the likely prospect of rationing. I do not believe that most nurses and doctors are in favor of it!!!
Keep up the good work Second Chance Sheepdog : )

Sherrie said...

I love your letter. I got the same crappy response from Cooper,too.
I wish you would send this to the newspaper and maybe, they would print it. It is just great!!!!